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Princess of Pop: Britney's Top 10 Songs!

Britney Spears has shaped pop music into what it is today. She is the epitome of modern pop music, with Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello following in her foot steps, keeping real pop music alive. Let's count down the pop icon's top 10 songs:

10. Work B**ch

9. Slumber Party (ft. Tinashe)

8. Circus

7. Womanizer

6. Piece of Me

5. Til the World Ends

This is the ULTIMATE dance-pop party song! Her career was shown to be unshakable with this album (with the 3 top 10 hits) and this single heading into the new decade. Every time you hear this song, you can't help but dance to it and wish you were in the club with your friends!


4. ...Baby One More Time

Yes, the iconic single that defined the 2000's pop era and blasted her into stardom is only ranked #4. Although it hit #1 in many countries and went platinum, it definitely is not her best song. However, this is the first song anyone thinks of when they think of Britney, which is why it gets our #4 spot.


3. I'm a Slave 4 U

This sexy single helped shoot Spears into stardom as she shed away her younger, pop princess image to reveal a sexier, bonafide superstar! Although it only made it to #27 on the Billboard Hot 100, this song was so defining for her career - not to mention that is still sounds current and fresh to this day!


2. Toxic

We know, this dance-pop mega hit is everyone's favorite. This song catapulted Britney into a global superstar, hitting #9 on the Hot 100, and is her most streamed song to-date on Spotify, with over 135 million plays! Not to mention, this smash hit was followed by one of her most iconic music videos!


1. Oops I Did it Again

You may be wondering why this iconic lead single from Britney's sophomore album is our number 1, even though it only peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100. This song helped define her career in that it showed she was not a one-hit wonder but rather a pop music icon here to stay. After this song, along with the iconic music video, everyone knew she would be around for a long time in the music industry!

Honorable Mention:

* Hold it Against Me

* Lucky


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