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Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show: A Review

This year's Super Bowl has come to an end, and not so surprisingly, more people are talking about the epic Latin-influenced halftime show than the actual game. Headlined by superstars Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, with appearances by Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Emme (JLo's adorable daughter with some serious pipes!), this was one for the books!

Both stars sang a medley of hits. Shakira sang "Whenever, Wherever," Hips Don't Lie" among others, while JLo sang "Jenny from the Block," "Waiting for Tonight," "On the Floor" and more. To many viewers' surprise, the pair actually sang separately -- Shakira opened while JLo came 2nd. However, the stars came together for a performance at the end. How did they end the performance off-camera? With a loving and celebratory hug. Turns out all of the drama the media churned up regarding rumors of fighting was just that - a rumor - and the pair was actually very supportive of each other.

The moments of the night? Shakira doing a tongue yodel thing into the camera which is now everyone's favorite reaction GIF. Also, JLo singing with her talented daughter Emme holding up both a Puerto Rican and American flag.

Who do you want to perform next year?


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