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"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" Premiere Review

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

The long awaited Real Housewives of Salt Lake City is Bravo’s newest franchise in almost 5 years, but not only does it fit right in with the others, it stands out and above. With the series premiere last night, November 11, we're diving in to give you our thoughts.

In the almost 15 year history of Real Housewives franchises, never have viewers been introduced to such a diverse cast. This is a huge step in Bravo’s long standing norm of casting women of only one race per franchise, and these women aren’t only diverse in race. While religion doesn’t play a huge part in most Housewives franchises, in Salt Lake City it’s the seventh wife. There are a couple active Mormons (because Utah), one ex-communicated Morman, one Muslim, one Pentacostal preacher, and a Jewish woman.

Housewives fans have been starved for fresh storylines for years, with OC and Beverly Hills notably being the most stale (don’t dare bring up Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy in any Bravoholic’s presence). Bravo heard the cries and offered up a five course feast. In the first episode alone, they gave us two feuds, an instantly iconic child-of (Brooks Marks), unattainable wealth (Jen Shah lives in an actual ski chalet) and fashion, and on-the-rocks marriage, and unbelievably gorgeous views (the women and the scenery).

The real star of the show is clear; Jen Shah is wealthy, honest, flashy, and hilarious. Where Sonja had her interns, Jen has an entire team (aptly titled the “Shah Squad”). While she may be Queen Bee, all six have something intriguing to bring to the table -- a rarity in any franchise. Mary Cosby has, unequivocally, the most interesting backstory. She married her step-grandpa after her grandmother passed away, claiming it was in her grandma’s will for her to do so. She’s kooky and aloof, with eyes that might out-crazy Ramona Singer. Lisa and Meredith are best friends and seemingly twins in looks and bitchiness, Heather is a Mormon but supports the LGBTQ+ and Black communities (allegedly racism is rampant in the Mormon community), and Whitney was excommunicated from the church for having an affair with her boss, who is 18 years her senior. With ratings falling lower and lower because of problematic stars, Bravo TV might be back on top with Salt Lake City. Who needs Kelly Dodd when you have the Shah Squad?

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