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Get to Know Catherine Bradley: An Inside Look at Bringing Beloved Characters to Life

Exclusive interview with actress and voice actress, Catherine Bradley.

Meet Catherine Ashmore Bradley, the vibrant talent behind some of your favorite characters on both screen and stage. From bringing the silly and fun-loving Luan Loud to life in Nickelodeon's "The Really Loud House" to captivating audiences as Lily Potter Jr. in Broadway's "Harry Potter and The Cursed Child," Catherine's versatility knows no bounds.

With a knack for stealing the show in both television hits like "City on a Hill" and "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit," as well as lending her voice to beloved animated characters like Deema the Drama Queen in "Bubble Guppies," Catherine's presence is felt across the entertainment spectrum. Off-screen, she's a multi-talented artist, poet, and award-winning dancer, with a passion for music that shines through her performances on stages like the Birdland Jazz Club and Feinstein's 54 Below. With a growing social media following and a recent contribution to Rebel Girls' literary collection, Catherine Ashmore Bradley is a rising star whose light only continues to shine brighter. Read our full interview with her below.


You've portrayed a range of characters across television, film, and theater, from the fun-loving Luan Loud in "The Really Loud House" to the dramatic roles in "City on a Hill." How do you approach transitioning between such diverse roles, and do you have a preference for comedic or dramatic roles?

"I have been really blessed to play such incredible comedic and dramatic roles. I honestly love both types of characters. Playing a dramatic character who has a story to tell of her struggles and strengths and bringing that to life is so rewarding. I have had to tap into places that are dark and places of strength and resilience within myself which can be intense. But I also love comedic acting. I find that it is actually harder to be funny! But when you get it right and make people laugh and just escape and have fun, that is the best feeling ever. I approach both roles similarly as you have to really believe and feel the character whether it is dramatic or comedic. If you don’t really become that character and play it like a caricature, you will not be funny!"

Your versatility extends beyond acting, with credits in both live-action and voiceover work. What unique challenges and rewards do you find in lending your voice to animated characters like Deema the Drama Queen in "Bubble Guppies," compared to on-screen performances?

"Bringing Deema, “the drama queen” to life through my voice was one of the most fun experiences I have had. You have to tell a story and express all types of emotions through your voice alone. That can be a challenge when you cannot use your face and body so if anyone ever saw me in the voice booth, I am moving around a lot, really living the scenes! Doing voice-over really helps because I think it makes you a better actor as you learn to do more with less!"

Having made your Broadway debut in "Harry Potter and The Cursed Child," what was the most memorable aspect of that experience for you?

"First of all being on Broadway was a dream come true and then being in Harry Potter playing Harry Potter’s daughter, Lily, was just so unreal! I remember my first show in the Lyric Theatre with thousands of people in the audience and walking out in the opening scene onto Platform 9 ¾. I literally was spellbound for a second and then I became Lily! The most memorable aspect was how involved and how much the audiences loved this show. Being able to be part of the Harry Potter world is something I will always cherish. And of course, I loved my magical fluttering wings!"

Your recent involvement in the literary project "Dear Rebel" showcases your poetic talents. Can you tell us more about your contribution to the collection and how you approach expressing yourself through poetry compared to other creative outlets like acting or dancing?

"My sisters, my mom and I wrote a poem that celebrated the bond of sisterhood, motherhood, women and family and that really highlighted the strength in women coming together as well as celebrating our differences. I love expressing myself through the written word as this is something that is always out there and can be reread and reinterpreted and can take on different meanings for the person reading. As an artist and actor and dancer, I express different emotions, but usually it is bringing a character to life with parts of me included. When I write, it is my truth, my vulnerabilities, and my story that I want to share."

With a background in dance, including numerous regional and national titles, how has your dance training influenced your approach to acting and performing on stage? Are there any specific skills or disciplines from dance that you find particularly beneficial in your acting career?

"Dancing started my acting career. I learned early on that I needed to train hard and be able to do all the turns and steps, but that is not solely what defines a dancer who is also an artist. Winning the titles is obviously fun, but making the audience feel something through your movement and performance is what I love. I have used tap and hip hop and jazz on stage and on tv. I have tapped with my sister, Aubin, already in two episodes of The Really Loud House. It was also my tap skills that I think helped me book my first Broadway National Tour. But I think being able to learn choreography very quickly is a skill that has helped me enormously when auditioning and on set. I am also really into hip-hop these days!"

Your social media presence boasts a significant following on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. How do you leverage these platforms to connect with your fans and share aspects of your life outside of acting, such as your music performances and other creative endeavors?

"For me, social media is the way I connect with my fans and my fans are so supportive and are just the best. I try to share with my fans what is going on with me professionally, but also other things I am passionate about like my work with Dear Rebel and child literacy. I also just like to share glimpses of me just having fun so fans can see that we have a lot in common. I am a teenager too, who does the typical teenager things and faces the same teenage stuff we all do. Fans can find me on Instagram: @catherinebradley_ and tiktok: @catherinebradleyy"


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