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Celebrity Conversations with Kristina Menissov: A Dazzling Fusion of Fashion, Music, and Beauty

Exclusive interview with supermodel, singer, and Ms. Universe World International 2022, Kristina Menissov.

ELLE Arabia June 2021, Photo by Joy Strotz
ELLE Arabia June 2021, Photo by Joy Strotz

Meet Kristina Menissov – supermodel, singer, and Ms. Universe World International 2022. Hailing from Kazakhstan, Kristina has etched her name in the annals of fashion and music with unparalleled finesse.

Best known for gracing the covers of VOGUE Mexico and ELLE Arabia, Kristina's elegance has captivated audiences worldwide. Her runway presence for esteemed fashion houses like Cartier and Balmain, coupled with appearances in prestigious events like Los Angeles Fashion Week, reflects her undeniable magnetism.

Beyond the runway, Kristina's journey takes an exciting turn into the realm of music. A former Italian-trained opera singer, she has seamlessly transitioned into a burgeoning singing career under the guidance of renowned producer Andrew Lane, known for his work with icons like The Backstreet Boys.

From chart-topping singles like "TAKING OVER LA" to breaking records in European nightclubs with "BREAKOUT," Kristina's musical repertoire dazzles with its diversity and global appeal. Collaborations with artists like Italian DJ Marzia D'Orlando and Turkish singer Cansel further showcase her versatility.

But amidst the glitz and glamour, Kristina finds solace in the simple joys of life, cherishing moments with her son, who serves as her inspiration for new ventures.

Check out our interview below, where we unravel the mesmerizing tapestry of Kristina Menissov's journey – a fusion of fashion, music, and beauty that transcends borders and captivates hearts.


What inspired you to crossover into singing, from an uber-successful modeling career?

"Hello, Front Page Pop readers. I would actually say that it is going back to singing. Before I became a model, I was first a singer. I took a break from singing when my modeling career took off because I struggled to manage both simultaneously. However, now that I've found more stability, returning to singing feels incredible. It's like something that was missing inside me has finally returned, and it's a beautiful feeling."

Interesting! How do you balance your modeling career with your singing career, and do you find any overlap between the two industries?

"Honestly, I'm not very good at balancing them. I often feel like I'm juggling projects, with one ending just as others are waiting to begin. However, there are definite overlaps. Modeling taught me valuable communication skills, which are just as crucial in the music industry. Effective communication is key in both fields."

Well I appreciate your honesty and candidness. I think everyone can relate to not-so-successfully juggling multiple projects at one point or another. Could you share some insights into your experience working with renowned fashion houses such as Cartier, Chopard, and Balmain? Do you have any favorite brands that you have worked with?

"Working with Cartier and Chopard was eye-opening. The presence of security personnel on set highlighted the allure of the lifestyle associated with such brands. It made me realize that some people simply live effortlessly within that world. As for favorite brands, I appreciate working with individuals rather than specific labels. Building connections with people within each brand makes the experience more enjoyable and fulfilling."

I love that! What do you consider your biggest achievement in your modeling career so far?

"My biggest achievement in modeling has been releasing my capsule collection with the NYC brand Marcella. Starting as a model for them and later collaborating on a capsule collection felt uniquely rewarding and taught me a great deal in the process."

That is really impressive and unique. On another note, how did it feel to represent Kazakhstan while winning the title of Ms. Universe World International in 2022?

"Thinking about that moment I felt immense pride in representing Kazakhstan. However, recent events in Kazakhstan, particularly women fighting for criminalization of domestic violence that is called “For Saltanat” named after Saltanat Nukenova who’s name is widely recognized in Kazakhstan these days. That is because, on November 9, Saltanat’s husband, Kuandyk Bishimbayev, the former economy minister, was detained in connection with her death. She was just 31 years old. All those events left me deeply saddened and frustrated and with questions like: why was it even decriminalized in 2017? Why women in the 21st century can't feel safe in Kazakhstan? How many more women need to die in order for it to even be considered?"

Wow. To be honest I had no idea that was going on there. Thanks for sharing that important story with us! How has being a mother influenced your career choices and your newest venture? 

"Being a mother made me so much more efficient and grounded instead of having my head in the clouds. Every moment away from my son is precious, so I strive to make the most of it by delivering my best work."

He is lucky to have such a dedicated and loving mother like you! Back to music, you had the chance to collaborate with famed music producer Andrew Lane, who is known for The Backstreet Boys and Irene Cara. Tell us about working with him. 

"I am so blessed to continuously working with Andrew Lane, we just finished working on my latest song called "Potion", that will be released May 3rd on all the platforms, so you guys stay tuned."

Exciting! We will definitely be listening once that is out. Could you share some more details about your latest singles, "Crown” and "Potion," and the creative process or meaning behind them?

"The solo version of "Crown" holds a special place in my heart. People have loved hearing it and I get many inquiries to perform it, but as it was originally a duet, performing it solo was challenging. Releasing the solo version allowed me to fully embrace the song. “Potion” - This song is deeply personal, symbolizing acceptance of my shadow alter ego and integrating it into my art—an almost therapeutic journey for me."

Well I can't wait to listen. What can we expect from your upcoming music videos and future projects in both modeling and singing?

"In modeling, I'm passionate about giving back and sharing my knowledge. I'm currently working on an educational project called "Modeling Explained," aimed at empowering aspiring models to become their own supermodels. As for singing, I'm excited to continue exploring new avenues of creativity and expression."

What advice would you give to aspiring models or singers who are looking to break into the industry? 

"For both it would be the same advice, just think about it as a business and write a plan as detailed as possible and don’t be scared to modify the plan as you go."


Be sure to follow Kristina on Instagram to keep up with all of the amazing work she has going on and be the first to hear about new music!


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