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Top 9 Craziest "Dance Moms" Fights

Counting down the top nine craziest fights from the hit reality TV show, "Dance Moms."

dance moms craziest fights

Dance Moms starring Abby Lee Miller premiered on Lifetime over a decade ago back in 2011 and is still referenced in pop culture daily via memes, podcasts, and so much more. The iconic dance show of course featured some chaotic moments and fights between the moms, and I'm counting down my top nine for you now.


9. Abby vs Christi (S4, E31)

Okay, this fight during the season 4 finale really broke fans hearts everywhere. Christi has had it with Abby's manipulation and pitting people against Chloe. They begin fighting and some awful things were said, including a moment from Abby that was cut out telling Christi to get Chloe's eye fixed -- a medical condition she has struggled with growing up that can sometimes make her eye look 'lazy'. Christi went out with "My line's been crossed. Dance isn't worth it." Watch below.

8. Christi vs Cathy (S2, E3)

When Abby goes to Cathy for the infamous bee costume back, Christi gets involved, insults are thrown, and some iconic lines were born: "bring it, bitch!" "the dog pound is calling move along," and "your payless shoes need to walk out of here." Cathy even went for Christi's physical features, saying "Whoville called, they want their nose back!" Yikes.

7. Christi vs. Melissa (S1, E4)

Okay so far Christi is really raking up the numbers. But this iconic fight solidified Dance Moms into reality TV gold status and was really what it was all about -- the moms fighting over whose kid was better. The line heard 'cross the world throughout the promotions of the show was said here: "How many times has my daughter beaten your daughter!?" Christi screams at Melissa.

6. Abby vs. Kelly (and Paige) (S2, E15)

Paige unfortunately gets caught in the middle of Kelly and Abby's antics often, but this one definitely is infamous. The chair throw heard around the globe. It was even a part of a lawsuit years later from Kelly and Paige against Abby, though the lawsuit was eventually thrown out. Abby now claims she was throwing the chair at producers, and Kelly claims producers set her up and told her they would have the chair ready for Paige. Phew... production is MESSY!

5. Christy vs. Tami (S4, E21)

Though often not brought up as a crazy scene because it's not as memorable as others, it is arguably the most physical of any fights on the show, which is why it sneaks into the top five. Check out the recap here to refresh your memory.

4. Jill and Kendall vs. Ashlee and Brynn (S6, E13)

The reason this fight makes it so high because, well, it (annoyingly) lasted all. season. long. Plus, it's pretty rare when the children get involved. Even Holly commented on Kendall yelling at Ashlee, saying that she didn't want the kids to end up like the moms - fighting constantly.

3. Cathy vs Abby (and Jill) (S3, E7)

Abby called the police after this intense fight. If I'm not mistaken, this is the first physical fight between the cast as well. Abby "accidently" throws water on Cathy, Cathy swings her purse and hits Abby, Jill gets involved cussing and throwing water... it was a mess. But this was the most intense fight with Cathy involved and goes down in Dance Moms history.

2. Christy vs. Leslie (S3, E37)

Mix in dance moms, the pressure of nationals, and lots of hurricanes on Bourbon Street and what do you get? Chaos. This iconic fight was all about Leslie sticking up for herself, at least according to her, for Christi always running her mouth. Thank goodness for the security; Leslie would have tore Christi up!

  1. Abby vs. Kelly (S4, E7) Abby and Kelly's final fight was one for the history books. This fight led to cops, a police report, girls crying, slaps, hair pulling, and more. Abby charged Kelly yelling, Kelly yelled to get her finger out of her face, Abby got closer, a slap was thrown by Kelly, and the rest was a blur... watch now.

There were so many fights throughout the eight seasons of Dance Moms, it's almost impossible to rank them all. Which one was craziest in your eyes? Let us know on social media @frontpagepop.


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