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Celebrity Conversations: Unveiling the Multifaceted Talents of TikTok Star & Actress Mercedes Blanche

Interview with TikTok Star & Actress Mercedes Blanche as a part of our Celebrity Conversations series.

Photo Credit: Coco Rocha Model Camp

Growing up in Budapest, Mercedes Blanche had big dreams of making it in showbiz. During her teens, she got hooked on social media and started sharing makeup tips and funny sketches. In just two days, she scored a whopping 70,000 followers on TikTok. Soon, her verified account blew up to over 4 million followers and 47 million likes, thanks to her hilarious, sarcastic, and informative posts. Blanche has become a household name online, known for her unique mix of humor and insight.

Apart from her hugely successful TikTok, Blanche boasts a significant following on other platforms, including an Instagram with over 1 million followers, X with 1 million subscribers, and a Snapchat with over 700,000 followers. She's also active on Facebook and YouTube. Since relocating to Los Angeles to pursue her career, Blanche's popularity has only soared as her fans eagerly track her journey towards achieving her dreams.

Beyond the realm of social media, she's made a name for herself as an actress, scoring guest spots on hit shows like The Boys, Robyn Hood, and Slumberland, just to name a few.

Take a moment to read our interview with the budding Hollywood star below.

Mercedes! I’m so excited to chat with you. We have been following you for so long on TikTok! You impressively and successfully cover a wide variety of content from comedy sketches to makeup reviews to educational content. What inspires you to make the videos that you do?

"Hi guys! Thank you so much for your excitement and support, it truly means the world to me. My inspiration for creating such a diverse range of content stems from my genuine passion for storytelling and creativity. I find inspiration everywhere, whether it's from everyday experiences, current trends, or topics that resonate with me on a personal level. Ultimately, I aim to entertain, educate, and connect with my audience in meaningful ways through my videos."

I love that. Taking a step back, you grew your TikTok following insanely fast, earning 70,000 followers in just two days, and now boasting 4.4 million! Why do you think your content resonates so well with people?

"It's been quite an incredible journey, hasn't it? I believe the key to resonating with people is authenticity and relatability. I strive to be genuine in everything I do, whether it's sharing a funny skit, giving makeup tips, or discussing important issues. I think people appreciate that sincerity and find something they can relate to in my content, which has helped foster such a strong and supportive community."

Your community of millions trickles across various social media platforms including Instagram, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube. Now, they’re also following along with your growing acting career. You’ve guest starred on a few shows now such as The Boys, Robyn Hood and Slumberland. What’s been your favorite part?

"Diving into acting has been an absolute dream come true. Being able to bring characters to life on screen and collaborate with talented individuals in the industry has been incredibly fulfilling. Each project brings its own unique challenges and rewards, but if I had to pick a favorite part, it would be the opportunity to continuously learn and grow as an artist with each role I take on."


I can tell 2024 will be a big year for you! What plans or hopes do you have? More acting gigs and content creation? Any modeling or hopes to partner with any specific brand?

"Yes, 2024 is shaping up to be quite an exciting year indeed! I'm definitely looking forward to exploring more acting opportunities and delving deeper into content creation across various platforms. As for modeling and brand partnerships, I'm open to new and exciting collaborations that align with my values and interests. Ultimately, I hope to continue pursuing my passions and sharing them with the world in meaningful ways. Thank you for your support and encouragement as I embark on this journey!"

Follow along her journey on Instagram, and be sure to keep up with the latest front page pop headlines on social media @frontpagepop.


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