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Exclusive Interview with Monique Martin: "The Getaway Los Angeles" Reality TV Star

Exclusive interview with one of the stars of BrandonTV's hot new reality show "The Getaway Los Angeles (LA)," premiering September 29 on the BTV app. Sign up now.

BrandonTV is bringing icons back to television and giving fans the type of reality TV we want. One of their hot new shows, "The Getaway LA," follows a close group of LGBTQ+ friends (and their chaos) trying to make it as young minority entrepreneurs, quickly finding out that Los Angeles proves to be more than a getaway. The drama is next level, y'all!

Although the show officially premieres on their new streaming app September 29, you can check out the exclusive early access premiere here on their youtube. Trust me, it's worth it! One of my early favorites is Monique, A.K.A. "Muvva." I got a chance to chat with the fashionable new reality star about what fans can expect from the show. Read our interview below for all the tea!


Monique! We’re so excited to chat with you! Let’s jump right in… you’re one of the most dynamic cast members on The Getaway LA. How did you get involved with the show to become a cast member? "Thank you, I appreciate that. I joined the show because of my Bestie/ brother Brandon. He says "Mo you would be really great for this reality show that I am putting together, your personality belongs on TV"." Love that! Although you’re the self-described “Muvva” of the group, we’ve seen you get just as messy as your friends, especially as you immediately clash with Severin (“Sev”), even calling him out on camera for watching fake Versace - yikes! What made you beef with Sev, and do you see yourself as messy or just real? "Lol! Let's start by clearing up how I even got to know this group. Those were not my friends I met them through Brandon. I was not up to meeting new people as B already knew this but I was willing to be a team player and meet some of B new friends. Sev and I had met about a year before we clashed; Sev was not as loud and annoying in the beginning he only started to show his a** after he got that job with Genesis as the face of the brand. Hahaha! so he says.

Over time I started to see Sev for the liar that he is. It all started with him calling Alitalia a call girl when she mentioned having to leave Justin's birthday party and drive to San Diego. Sev hugged Alitalia and as she walked away Sev says she is a whole call girl. To my surprise I looked at him like why would you say that? Sev says she told me she was and she got the call to go see her client in San Diego. I said don't say that Sev and another good friend Joel also got upset and said no she isn't don't say that. I then said well I wonder what you will say about me when I walk away? Sev says oh Bitch I have nothing bad to say about you. You always on point. I don't consider myself messy... I speak the truth and do not sugar coat my feelings to anything. " Phew, the tea is hot already! Seeing you during the early-released premiere episode helping Alitalia with her business is so heartwarming. What made you want to help her (besides the fact that she was trying a PREMIUM for her lashes haha)? "I wanted to help Alitalia out because she really showed the lash business to be a passion of hers. Why not help out another woman? I have a lot of management experience so passing on knowledge to anyone is what I love to do."

That's so sweet of you! Aside from being shady at times, you are definitely the “muvva” of the group and it's always redeeming to see you providing guidance to your fellow cast members and friends when they’re going through things. However, you go through some definite tough times yourself while filming - from dealing with your mother being diagnosed with cancer and having your first grandbaby on the show. How was it going through all of that while filming, and did you struggle at all to keep up that loving “muvva” image while going through so much yourself? "I am a very nurturing person, the way I was brought up has a lot to do with that. I can give the best advice to others around me but I need to apply that to my personal life sometimes. While filming my mom found out she had breast cancer, thank God it was in the early stage. I have to be strong for everyone around me because my mom cries at the drop of a dime, so I had to learn to be the strong one so that we all are not a mess at the same time. When my Glambaby was born I could not wait to see that little face, it brought up memories of raising my kids and I was just excited to really be able to enjoy raising a new little person."

Well, I wish all the best for your mother. On a lighter note, your hair is always on point and constantly turning heads. What inspires you to change your hair up so often and experiment with new styles? "Thank you! My aunt was going through cosmetology school when I was about 12 years old, she allowed me to put the Vaseline around clients heads before perms and I loved doing that. When she was finished with their hair I was amazed at how it looked, all of the different hair styles were beautiful. I started braiding my family members' hair and got better over the years. The hair game is a very lucrative business and I knew how expensive it would be to continue going to the beauty salon. It was very important for me to know how to do this myself, I get bored of a hair style fast and the cost of going to the shop every week was not for me. LOL!" Word on the street is that you don’t love traveling with groups of people overnight or for long periods of time, but I know there are a couple of cast trips this season, including to Las Vegas. What was that like for you? "I really love staying home where I feel safe and comfortable. I don't mind being away from home for a day or 2 but after that it's time to go. The Vegas trip was one of the worst trips ever, I had to share a room with Alitalia and Rachel; they were so messy, clothes, shoes, wigs, jewelry on the bed and floors. I don't live like that plus I don't feel comfortable when the door is opening up while I am asleep you never know who is walking in or out and I don't need people over my head while I'm trying to sleep." I totally get that. Matt Sarafa is a bit newer to this group of friends as a whole, brought in by Brandon Stewart. How did you feel about when he first started coming around, and how do you feel about him now? "When I first met Matt I had already heard some things about him from Cliff another cast member, there was an incident that took place and it rubbed Cliff the wrong way. Of course being cool with Cliff I was on his side, so when we saw Matt at the Valentines party that Rachel was throwing at her house Matt walked passed the group to say hi to Brandon but no one else, I was like ugh ok. Lol! After we had a moment and I said how I felt at Rachel's party to Brandon and Matt that misunderstanding was swept away. I love Matt he is a very sweet person and the fashion is everything one of my other favorite things besides hair." You and Alitalia seemed inseparable from the start, especially as she leaned on you for business advice, but we heard the friendship starts to crumble as the season goes on. What can you tell us about your falling out, and where you’re at now in your friendship? "Yes, Alitalia and I were trying to build a relationship but after the Vegas trip when she decided to twerk in harmony with Sev after he has called her a call girl and I jumped in to defend her that all went out the door. I haven't seen or spoken to Alitalia since the Big Bear trip so I really don't know where our relationship is. I just pray for her and wishing the very best." Oh wow! Ok last question for you: what can fans expect to see you bring to the show and why should they tune in and stream? "You can expect me to be real, to see some shade because I can dish it when need be. Lol! Emotional times, fun times, building a couple new friendships, me being a mother, Glam mother, the working woman and the one who will cuss yo a** out. Lmao!! Tune it to see it all.


Keep up with Monique on Instagram (@molotta40) and check out for more.


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