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Pete Davidson Reflects on the Moment He Knew His Engagement with Ariana Grande Was Over

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Pete Davidson, known for his dark and cheesy comedy on SNL, is also famously (or infamously?) known for his engagement to mega-pop star Ariana Grande. In a recent with Charlamagne Tha God, Davidson admitted the moment he knew his engagement with the singer was over... and it might be exactly what you expected.

The Thank U, Next singer and comedian got engaged back in June of 2018 when he was still largely unknown to the public. After four crazy, tabloid-filled months, the pair called it quits. Davidson admits a huge reason for their split was the death of Grande's ex, Mac Miller.

"I think I said, like, 'I'll be here until you don't want me to be here,'" Davidson said about being there for Ariana, as she mourned Mac. "I pretty much knew it was over around after that. That was really horrible and I can't imagine what that s--t is like. That s--t is just terrible."

"All I do know is that she really loved the s--t out of him and she wasn't putting on a show or anything," he said. "That was f--ked up and prayers to his family and all of his friends, still."

"I think genuinely being hurtful is off-limits or anything like being s--tty or anything," he added. "I wanna be cool with everybody but, you know, stand-up's part of my life. That was a highly publicized thing. I feel like [Ariana] got her fair run and her fair stab at it, and like I said, I don't have social media and I don't have an outlet really to express my feelings so stand-up's just how I do it."

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