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  • Kaitlin Popow

Mike Day: Producer, Writer and Director

Mike Day has already made a statement in the movie industry, producing, writing and directing numerous films. Being based in LA, Mike has had a chance to work on numerous hits, including writing and producing ROGUE WARFARE, an action trilogy through Paramount Pictures that ranked #1 on Netflix. Most recently, he switched directions writing and producing an eleven-episode series entitled, Sisters, which is now being streamed on Amazon Prime!

We had the pleasure of chatting with Day in between his busy schedule. Check out his interview below:

Mike, what made you decide to enter the world of producing? Was there a turning point in your life that made you decide to become a producer/ writer and director?

Mike Day
Mike Day

"I got into the world of producing because it seemed like a fun job. You’re the guy in charge of putting this whole project together, and making sure it gets to the finish line. Most days it’s more challenging than fun, but in a weird way, that’s what makes it fun. Every film brings with it its own challenges, so no two days are ever the same. Years ago, I was looking for a project to produce, but everything I was reading wasn’t exciting me. It’s not that they weren’t good scripts, because they were. But it takes so much time and energy to make a film, so when I’m going to commit to something, it has to be something I’m passionate about, even if it is a quirky comedy. Still not able to find a script I was passionate about, my friend suggested I should just write a script I do want to make. I wasn’t a writer at the time, so I got some screenwriting books and did a lot of research on how to write a proper script, and that was that. I’ve been writing ever since. From there my focus shifted. Now that these are scripts that I’m writing, I didn’t want to just be the guy that put the whole project together and get it to the finish line. I wanted to bring this script to life, which led to directing. And now, I love directing. Even if it’s not something I’ve written. I just love bringing a good story to life."

Trixie is your newest short film that was just released. Can you tell us about it?

"A few months into the pandemic, I was getting anxious to get back to filming. Being stuck at home, I started to think about all the careers that have been affected by the pandemic, which led to me writing Trixie, a short film about a sex worker who’s trying to make ends meet while living through a pandemic. With it being about such a serious situation going on around the world, I wanted to make it fun and enjoyable for the audience. Something they could laugh at in spite of it being about the pandemic. So I came up with the idea that this sex worker is working under a bridge, and has a potential client. They’re discussing all the different things she’s willing to do and for what price, and literally nothing is off the table for her. So right as they’re about to close the deal, she asks if he’s been tested for covid, which leads to a big ordeal with the client who hasn’t been tested. It’s really topical, funny, and absurd all at the same time. It turned out great and is a lot of fun to watch."

You have worked on numerous projects, what is your favorite thus far?

"My last project is always my favorite project. I’m on such a high as soon as it's finished. It’s such an accomplishment to take a project from inception to the finish line. Not all of the projects turn out they way I want, but that doesn’t change how I feel. I have a team of people I like to work with and regardless of how it turns out, it’s always a fun time collaborating with them as we bring a project to life."

What is your favorite part of your career? With that- also your least favorite and why?

"My favorite part of my career is that I get to make movies. I love going to the movies on a Friday night or watching a movie at home on a lazy Saturday afternoon. It’s a fun escape, and I love that I get to make movies for other people to enjoy. My least favorite part is how time consuming it can be sometimes. It’s not a traditional nine to five job, so sometimes it makes it hard to plan things in life because of it. But that said, I still love what I do and wouldn't trade it for anything."

Where do you see your career heading?

"I’m not sure where my career is heading, but if I could choose, I’d love to see it go in the same direction as Judd Apatow. He’s a filmmaker that does it all, writing, directing, and producing. I’d love to be in that position where I’m working with big studios on great comedies, from writing and producing them to directing them. I would love to look back on a long career of great films that were enjoyed by a large audience around the world."

Any new projects you can tell us about?

"I just finished writing a female driven comedy that I’m really proud of. It has a lot of humor and heart while having a universal message that I think everyone can relate to. At the core of the story, it’s about a woman who is happily married but then is blindsided by her cheating husband. The woman’s world spins out of control as she must figure out who she is and what she wants out her life. We’re now in the casting phase of it."

We can't wait for his new comedy! For more on Mike and all of the celebrity world, follow @kbpopculture on Instagram.


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