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Enzo Zelocchi Discusses Career and Upcoming Projects

Enzo Zelocchi, award-winning actor, producer, and influencer, reflects on his career and shares exclusive details on his upcoming projects and new film The Source.

Enzo Zelocchi | Photo by Bjoern Kommerell
Enzo Zelocchi | Photo by Bjoern Kommerell

You probably recognize Enzo Zelocchi from his countless movies, awards, and viral social media posts. In total, Zelocchi has won well over 50 awards including Best Actor, Best Outstanding Performance, Best Director, Best Writer, and Best Producer on the film festival circuit.

As if that isn't enough, his recent Instagram post, sharing the trailer for his upcoming film The First Secret went viral on Instagram garnering over 24 million views in just one week! He has also received critical acclaim for the film My Little Princess which has won over 33 awards on the film festival circuit and was a semifinalist for an Academy Award nomination.

With almost five million followers across social media and an award-winning career under his belt, it's no wonder why he is one of Hollywood's hottest stars. Check out our exclusive interview with the entertainment industry veteran.


You are a highly accomplished actor, producer and influencer. How do you keep yourself motivated every day to juggle your many hats?

"Thank you. I keep myself motivated with love and passion for what I do. Feeling the responsibility to inspire others makes me productive to the highest degree. It's not easy sometimes, but I learned to prioritize and maximize every opportunity that comes my way. Good music also helps to set the mood and I surround myself with the right energy. Music is very important in my creative process."

The trailer for The First Secret went viral on Instagram with over 24 million views (now almost 29 million)! How did you feel after seeing so many fans were excited about the film?

"I felt blessed and honored. We have now passed the 28 million views on that trailer. It was incredible considering that "The First Secret'' was the second most viewed video worldwide during COVID in March 2020 on Instagram. Cardi B was number one and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was number 9, as reported by Variety Magazine."

You have a huge following on all social media platforms. How do you remain relatable and keep your fans interested?

"Quality content is key. Quality is always better than quantity. I deeply love and respect all my fans and they deserve only the BEST! I'm committed to providing them all the inspiration and motivation to be the greatest version of themselves. If I can, they can, I believe in them and I will never give up on them. I'm extremely blessed and thankful to have my fans in my life."

Enzo Zelocchi | Photo by Bjoern Kommerell
Enzo Zelocchi | Photo by Bjoern Kommerell

As mentioned, you are so successful and have won countless awards on the film festival circuit. Is there one success story or accomplishment you are the “most” proud of?

"I'm beyond proud of what we were able to achieve with "My Little Princess.” I'm extremely thankful to the entire cast and crew. It was a small project but it touched the hearts of countless people worldwide.

The love and compassion that the project was able to transmit to people was my biggest reward and miracle. I worked like a maniac, and I was beyond exhausted when we finished shooting. That project left a deep impression on my heart, spirit and soul."

The trailer for your upcoming movie The Source was released recently, and we are so excited for it. What was it like to work with award-winning actor Joe Cortese, and when and where can fans expect to see this movie?

"Thank you! The Source reached over 200 million views and broke worldwide records in the history of social media. I cast Joe in a project called "A War Hero" (Vin Diesel was the executive producer, TJ Mancini produced, and I produced and directed) several years ago and we have been friends for years. Joe is a veteran actor and played a good role in The Green Book, won several Academy Awards. We had some delays due Covid but we're planning to resume production soon."

Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

"I need to keep some secrets but "The Invincible" is going to be a very incredible movie! It's "The Gladiator" meets "300" and the story of the greatest 'Publius Cornelius Scipio' (Scipio Africanus), a Roman general who had the rare military distinction of never losing a battle in his career and in military history."


Well we cannot wait for that movie to come out, as well as The Source! Be sure to follow Enzo (@enzozelocchi) for the latest on all of his projects.

As always, connect with us on social media (@kbpopculture) for all of the celebri-tea!


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