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  • Brandon West

Maren Morris' Wedding!

Maren Morris married fellow country singer Ryan Hurd just this past Saturday in an incredible ceremony in Nashville!

She shared a picture of their first kiss as a married couple on Instagram just hours after the ceremony (see below).

The caption reads "My last turn home" which references a Tim McGraw song that the couple wrote together and when they met for the first time.

Ryan Hurd posted a different picture (see below) with their date as the caption - sweet & simple! There is no shortage of love here! Did you know Hurd wrote his new song Diamonds or Twine for her and released it the day before their wedding? #Goals

The grammy-winning singer stunned in custom - and slightly untraditional - wedding dress designed by Nashville's own Cavanagh Baker. According to People, Morris and Baker designed her dress using her mother's wedding dress as inspiration.

We know what you're really wondering.... Did she drive off in an 80's Mercedes? Sadly, no. What a missed opportunity for a good song promo!


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