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  • Kaitlin Popow

Kash Hovey: Actor, Producer and now, Talk Show Host

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Exclusive interview with Kash Hovey on his career in Hollywood as an actor and producer and his new venture as a talk show host.

Kash Hovey is an award-winning actor, producer and most recently, talk show host! You may know Hovey from his breakout role in "Jack and Cocaine," which premiered at the Valley Film Festival in 2014. Since his start in 2014, Kash both acted and produced in many hit movies. We had a chance to catch up with Kash Hovey and talk all things acting and his new hit talk show!


You host your own talk show On Air with Ka$h on YouTube where you interview celebrities about their upcoming film and TV roles. As an actor yourself, what inspired you interview others, and who have been some of your favorite guests so far?

"Around 2019 I began listening to and watching podcasts regularly on Spotify and YouTube. At that time, I was working in voice over with Michael Rosenbaum (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Smallville). He was telling me about his podcast “Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum.” I began listening to his show on the way to work in the morning and was fascinated by the way he connected with his guests. It was also great to arrive at work and be able to talk with Michael personally about a particular interview. He is very open and encouraging.

When the Pandemic began in 2020 I started hosting Instagram Live interviews with friends and colleagues to stay connected and produce content as so many things were uncertain at that time. I built a studio for home recordings and my dad gave me the sign that is featured on the show for my birthday. I took that as an actual ‘sign’ that I needed to create a show and “On Air with Ka$h” was born. I’m so proud of our team and every guest we’ve had on the show. We had Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride, Stranger Things) on during the holidays to promote his new Netflix movie with Brooke Shields “A Castle For Christmas.” I’ve known Cary for years, he is one of my favorite actors and I have so much admiration for his work. It was a real honor having him on the show."

We love Cary Elwes! Who is your dream talk show guest?

"I’d love to have Paul Thomas Anderson on the show someday. He has been one of my favorite directors since I got into filmmaking when I was a kid. He also grew up in the San Fernando Valley like I did. I just saw his latest film “Licorice Pizza” in the theater. I left inspired with the same rush I had when I first saw his film “Boogie Nights.”

Not only are you a talk show host, but an award-winning actor and producer as well. You've been the lead in films such as "Jack and Cocaine" and "As in Kevin." What's it like to live your dream and appear on people's TV screens?

"I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with some incredibly talented people on some great films. Every moment matters to me. From getting the audition to booking the role, the first day on set, to the day we wrap. Then when we have the opportunity to see our finished work on the big screen, everything comes full circle and it’s pure magic."

Who are your inspirations?

I get inspired when I work and connect with other artists. When I begin a new film and the the creative process starts, there is no better feeling.

You're also a celebrity ambassador for Heart Safe Neighborhood Foundation, Inc. How important is it to you to give back using your platform?

"I do what I can to give back and bring attention to the causes I’m passionate about. I got involved with Heart Safe Neighborhood Foundation, Inc because I had suffered a lethal arrhythmia at the gym when I was in college. Luckily they had just placed defibrillators at that location 6 weeks prior. The foundation spreads awareness and makes AED devices available in neighborhoods to help save lives."

That's incredible! Any upcoming projects you tell us about?

I began filming a new movie during the holidays which I’ll be able to talk more about in in the coming months.

We are so excited to see Kash's new project come to life as well as keep up with his talk show. You can keep up with him on Instagram here and check out his talk show here! To learn more about Kash and his upcoming movie, follow us on social media @kbpopculture.


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