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Is Christine Quinn from "Selling Sunset" Leaving the Oppenheim Group?

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Selling Sunset's Christine Quinn address rumors she is leaving the Oppenheim Group on new podcast.

After Season 3 of Netflix's hit reality show, Selling Sunset, was available for streaming in early August, reports circulated that the show's top real estate agent Christine Quinn was leaving.

However, Quinn isn't sold on leaving Oppenheim Group just yet. In a new podcast interview, she clears everything up.

"That was headline manipulation at its best. If you've read the article, what it says is it's talking about, there's a scene in the trailer actually where Maya [Vander], Heather [Rae Young] and I are all sitting at the table and, you know, Maya is sick of the favoritism," she admitted on Dear Media's Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast. "And she's like, ‘Would you ever leave the agency?' and we're all like, ‘Yah, of course. We think about it all the time. The favoritism is real.'" 

Quinn goes on to complain that Mary Fitzgerald gets more houses to sell than anyone else, thus the opportunity to make more money.

"Mary gets every single listing and Jason [Oppenheim] just doesn't want to do work so he just gives it to her and it's just so frustrating," she continues. "He doesn't give it to anyone else. So we're all just like sick of it and so it's really, really annoying and irritating."

Thankfully, though thoughts of leaving have been admitted, she is busy enjoying her newfound celeb status! While nothing official has been announced, she hints at launching a lifestyle brand.

"Basically I'm not quite there yet to talk about it and it's not because I'm trying to be exclusive or anything. It's just cause I really, really don't know. But I kind of wanted to just start a lifestyle brand," she teased to podcast host Amanda Hirsch. "I don't really know exactly what direction I'm taking it in but it's just gonna be a fun place for people to go and a community of people who are just likeminded, diverse, inclusive individuals who just want a safe space like creatives and people that just don't want to be judged."

Quinn continued, "And I kind of started the idea because I was always labeled and I really, really don't believe in labels. There's no such thing as labels."

If she leaves the show, would you support her lifestyle brand?

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