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  • Karina Kurani

Duo to Watch: Izzy Gallegos & Chris Watrin

Meet Izzy & Chris, a new duo to watch! Izzy Gallegos and Chris Watrin are two incredible musicians that started their journey in the music industry in Europe, but recently brought their talents to North America! Izzy and Chris are former members of super band US5, which was created by Lou Pearlman in the mid -2000s. From Germany to Poland, US5 had everyone on their feet with their party vibe songs. US5’s journey and success is a whole another story, but for now, let's go through the top five reasons to fall in love with Izzy and Chris. 1. Voices Needless to say their talent as singers is superb. They melted hearts in US5. and they sound just as amazing as soloists!

2. Vision Izzy and Chris are here to inspire you with their deep and meaningful song lyrics. “The Starving Artist Thing” will showcase a much more personal side of the boys. This one of the many reasons why we can’t wait to hear the new songs!

3. Creativity Being in the international boyband definitely gave Izzy and Chris ahead start in the music industry. However, with their debut EP “ The Starving Artist Thing” they are going to reinvent themselves as a duo, which means no limits and no boundaries, so expect the unexpected! 4. Moves They are former boyband members, which means they got the moves down. One of the many things that made US5 stand out from the rest of the boybands in general, was their choreography.

Fun fact : Izzy and Chris both played a major part in creating the routines for the band’s second tour “In Control”. 5. Personalities Their sweet personalities are hard to not fall in love with! No matter what the situation they eliminate light and joy. No exaggeration, these men will make you laugh till it hurts. Izzy snd Chris know how to make people smile and that will make you love them even more. For all the latest news and updates from Izzy and Chris, follow them on Instagram.

Article was guest written by Karina Kurani


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