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  • Kaitlin Popow

Artists to Watch: Middle Child

Interview with our newest Artist to Watch, Middle Child.

New indie alt-pop duo, Middle Child, released their debut single, "Burn Out," through Casual Jam Records, a UK label. The single quickly rose on the charts, topping some of Spotify's most popular playlists. The duo includes producer Jacob Lee and songwriter/ vocalist, Mikey Wax. In addition to Wax's music career, he has been featured in advertisements through Nike Swim, Hollister Clothing, United Airlines and the FIFA World Cup. We chatted with the up-and-coming duo on their recent success and what's to come. Read the full interview below.


It seems like your music career exploded pretty fast. How was that experience for you?

"Thank you, but as the saying goes most of that is really years in the making. We’ve been perfecting the music and sound of Middle Child for a long time, and I also had a lot of prior experience and a loyal fan base with my solo career."

Since Middle Child has had so much success, what is your game plan for the future?

"It's still very early in the project and while we've had a great start, there is still so much we want to accomplish. In the near future will be a few more single releases, a first EP, maybe some fun Middle Child merch."

Awesome! So, what was it like seeing your song featured on some of the best Spotify charts?

"It's always such a nice feeling to know your music is being recognized and supported. Whether it’s with my solo career or with the Middle Child project, I am always very grateful and humbled anytime a playlist picks up one of my songs or a fan reaches out about how a song impacted them."

Are you planning any live shows now that COVID restrictions are being lifted?

"We are in the beginning stages of planning a tour schedule for next spring so it's still a little ways away on the horizon."

Besides the tour, are there any special projects you are working on that you can tell us about?

"We are continuing to write and record new Middle Child songs which is always a special experience. Middle Child started as a fun side project to escape from some of the other music I had previously made, so I'm always happy to get creative and make something different."


We can't for more music! For more on Middle Child and all your pop culture news, follow @kbpopculture on social media.


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