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  • Kaitlin Popow

Netflix's 'Tiny Pretty Things' Star, Nicole Huff: Exclusive Interview

Nicole Huff, actress in Netflix's Tiny Pretty Things dishes on her career and new upcoming projects.

From the young age of six, Nicole Huff knew that she wanted to be a star. Born and raised in Canada, the actress spent her young life training in all forms of dance. She also became fluent in classical singing and playing the violin and piano. Huff's overall love for dancing and being on stage ultimately lead to her joining pageants and talent competitions. Once she stepped on the stage, she couldn't stop.

By age seven she was signed with Ford Models and from there, her career took off. You may know her from Degrassi: Next Generation or the most recently, Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix! We had a chance to catch up with the Hollywood star and get the inside scoop. Read the insightful interview below.


Tiny Pretty Things, your most recent role, has exploded on Netflix! How has your life changed since this series was released?

"It allowed me to experience expressing different sides of myself on an international level because Netflix can be seen all over the world. Fans of the show recognize me and show me a lot of love on social media. Lots of people drew me and tagged me on my social media which was flattering. I also had LA representation reach out to me and my reps here in Toronto. It’s also amazing to say that I’m part of a show that went to #1 on Netflix."

How was it working with the other cast members while filming? Anything special about the process?

"It was incredible getting to witness so much talent on set and work with other creatives that also love what they do. I think what was special was getting to see all the dancers rehearse and watch that process. Everyone worked so hard and there was so much training involved, especially for the dancing. While I was working on my acting scenes, I got to see it all and it reminded me so much of dance competition training when I used to compete."

You are a natural at ballet. How deep does your dance training run?

"My dance background helped me tell the truth and carry the poise of a true elite ballerina. I naturally have the posture and essence about me because I grew up doing ballet. I also have such an appreciation for the art because I know how much work goes into it. Appreciating the story is always important when doing a project so it definitely helped me."

You have also recently guest starred on Pretty Hard Cases, a CBS series. What was that like? Are we going to see you more in the show?

"My character was a guest star named Alina Taylor. I absolutely loved working on the show. I’ve done other CBC shows before and it’s always a fun experience. Everyone a part of Pretty Hard Cases was so humble and down to earth. Getting to work with great actors and feed off of them was a great experience."

How has the process of filming with Netflix varied from when you film with a station such as CBC?

"I wouldn’t say it’s much different. I worked with a lot of different actors from all over the world which was interesting about Tiny Pretty Things. I also found Tiny Pretty Things to be a massive production so it was cool to be a part of. I also enjoy acting in CBC projects as well because often I know the actors a part of the project so it feels like a family."

What is your favorite part of your career?

"My favourite part of my career is getting the chance to meet so many talented and creative people. It never gets old. I also love travelling and adapting to new settings. I really love telling interesting stories, diving into new worlds and figuring characters out. Every project has something unique about it and I love exploring the different worlds."

Where would you envision your career heading in the next 5 years?

"I’d love to continue telling stories and continue acting. I’d love to land the lead of a series and feature film. I’d love to get the chance to work with actors I grew up watching and look up to. I’d also love to get to perform my music for a crowd."

Are you currently working on any new projects you can tell us about?

"I’ve been very focused on my original pop EP. I’m working with an incredible producer. Aside from that, I signed with my new LA representation and am excited for the future."

We can't wait to hear her new music! For more on Nicole Huff and all of your pop culture needs, follow @kbpopculture on social media.


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