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Artist to Watch: Taylor McIntosh

Interview with our latest Artist to Watch, Taylor McIntosh, on his music and dancing career.

Taylor McIntosh
Photographer: Guy Viau

At the early age of 19, Taylor McIntosh has already established himself in the music industry as a singer and songwriter. With many musical attributes, he has used his skills to work with some of the largest names in the industry, including Grammy-nominated Producer, Tommy Marolda. His success is hard to believe for his age and we were lucky enough to chat with the growing star. See our interview below:

You are so young to be so successful! What made you decide to enter the music industry?

"I didn’t have much of a relationship with music growing up, which is very surprising considering music feels like my whole life now. I started learning to play piano when I was young, but I didn’t appreciate it until a lot later. Growing up basketball became my escape from hard times, so it held a lot of my focus. At one time, I really thought I was going to play college basketball and be in the NBA! That changed very quickly. It wasn’t until I was 16 that I wrote my first song, and music has taken over my life ever since then. I’ve made great progress for someone who didn’t start writing songs until 16. It’s crazy how one moment can change your whole life, how one passion can devour all your interests and become an obsession. Music is my obsession, it’s become my form of therapy…it’s become my life."

Was there a turning point or moment in your career where you realized your talent?

"I would have to say the time when my dad heard one of my songs I was working on and was so genuinely impressed he told me that he couldn’t believe I wrote it. Hearing that from my dad, who is also a songwriter, gave me the confidence to really pursue music and put in the work to become great at it."

You collaborated with Bon Jovi legend, Richie Sambora, on “Money on Your Deathbed.” What was that like?

"It was an absolute honor and dream come true! While I wasn’t in the same room as Richie because we made the song over quarantine, it was still an amazing experience nonetheless. It was also great just getting to collaborate with my family on a song. My sister, dad, and I all wrote the song together so it was a really fun time for all of us."

We love your single "Tattooed On My Brain." Can you tell us more about your inspiration on that song?

"My new song is about when you break up with someone and even though they hurt you, you still find yourself thinking about them, almost like they were a tattoo on your brain. You wish you could move on and stop thinking about them, but no matter what you do, you can’t get rid of their memory. It’s a lot different than anything I have released thus far, it’s got a mix of pop elements and a Rock and Roll feel. I really tried to convey emotions as well as a story for the listener, but the real secret is that about halfway through the song there is a mind gripping breakdown."

We also know that you are a talented dancer. Have your dance skills helped you in your musical career?

"Well, whenever I am making a music video, being able to dance becomes a huge asset. In my video for “Pinky Promise” I included a lot of dance parts, and even had some of my breakdancing buddies in it. Also, I think being able to dance helps my live performances. While I’m not dancing a lot, being able to groove helps keep the energy up and entertains the audience."

Are you working on anything new you can share with us?

"I’m getting ready to release a new song “The Right Place”, which allowed me to experiment with a different acoustic sound. It’s a love song from the heart that I’m excited to share."


We can't wait for Taylor McIntosh's new single! Follow him on social media below to keep up with his music, and follow us here to get the latest in pop culture.

Instagram: @itstaylormcintosh

Spotify: Listen here


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