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Jesslee Talks New Single and Creating New Music Genre

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Rising country music star Jesslee discusses her new single "Ammunition", creating a new genre of music called "swamp pop" and shares what she has in store for fans this year.

Jesslee | Ammunition
Jesslee | Ammunition

Fresh off her 2021 EP, "21 Jump Start," Jesslee is locked and loaded this year releasing her killer single "Ammunition" on January 28. This single is a reminder of Jesslee’s promise to her fans to always stay honest with her artistry. While so many today try and fit their music into the status quo, Jesslee and her team have made the decision to continue to treat music as a genre-less articulation of what she feels music is supposed to be. A self-produced song with the CEO of Black Label Nash Entertainment Group Steve Virginia, "Ammunition" falls into a genre all its own. "Swamp pop" as Jesslee named it, is a seamless blend southern-rock, country and modern pop. What more could you ask for in a song? Stream "Ammunition" here.

She recently caught up with us to discuss her new single, genre, and what she has in store for the rest of the year. Check out the full interview below.


We are so obsessed with this song and the new genre 'Swamp Pop' which so perfectly describes it. What inspired this song?

"The inspiration of this song honestly came

from my team and my experience in the music industry. Music is such a subjective art and along the way everyone is bound to run across haters. I realized that people who aren’t in the music industry can also have this experience with people while chasing their own dreams. I wanted to write an anthem to remind people how resilient and badass they are. Anyone who thinks otherwise can go kick rocks."

We love that! This song is truly in a genre of its own. We could definitely see 'swamp pop' gaining popularity on the radio and with audiences all over the world. How did you come up with the name 'swamp pop'?

"I self produced Ammunition with Steve Virginia. As we built the track we realized It was a unique beautiful mix of Pop, Southern Rock and Country and the name just came to me."

You have come such a long way from your time on NBC's The Voice! Have you talked with your coach, Blake Shelton since then? I imagine he would be incredibly proud of how far you have come and developed as an artist.

"I haven’t personally spoken to Blake since the show. I would hope that he and every coach from the Voice would be proud of an alum who is independently blazing trails. We have friends in the same camp and recently wrote a song with fellow Team Blake alum (The Swon Brothers) for a track that will be releasing this year."

Exciting! Can we expect a music video for "Ammunition"?

"Our production schedule for releases is VERY tight. We are releasing more music than I ever have, so as of right now our focus is going to be on the music. We WILL have a few songs that have videos this year for sure."

We can't wait! Do you expect to start touring any time soon?

"My team is currently working on our schedule through 23’ and we will be making some announcements soon."


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