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Danity Kane: Where Are They Now?

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Danity Kane

Fifth Harmony who? Platinum-selling girl group, Danity Kane, was put together by Sean Diddy Combs on MTV's hit reality show, "Making the Band" back in 2005. Although they were (and are) underrated, they were not one of those groups from the 2000's who just faded out. The group, composed of Aubrey O'Day, Dawn Richards, D. Woods, Shannon Bex, and Aundrea Fimbres was a large commercial success topping charts, selling albums, and receiving gold and platinum certifications. They became the first female group in Billboard history to have their first two albums open up at #1 on the charts.

Their debut single, "Show Stopper" peaked at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2006 and was certified Gold by RIAA, while their debut album went platinum. Riding the success of their top 10 hit, Danity Kane released, "Damage," the lead single for their sophomore album. "Damage" hit number 10 on the Billboard charts, went platinum, and drove their sophomore album into Gold certification. "Damage" came out in 2008 and might be more familiar to everyone, as it achieved more commercial and pop radio success; it is the epitome of girl group pop music. Check out the iconic music video below (and yes, they can actually dance, unlike some groups today):

After some arguments between the members and some members leaving, staying, & then leaving again, Danity Kane was reformed in 2013 with Aubrey O'Day, Shannon Bex, and Dawn Richard. They released the lead single, "Lemonade" which failed to chart in the US but still received some minor attention. Unfortunately, shortly after their album DK3 was released, Richards and O'Day got into a heated argument which led the group's disbanding. This is a large part of the reason why their third album had little success, especially since their lead single, "Lemonade" had so much commercial potential.

So what are the DK singers doing now?

Aubrey O'Day: Arguably the lead singer of the former group and surely the most successful post-DK, O'Day has been featured on many reality television shows, pursued a solo career, and started a electronic-pop duo with fellow DK member, Shannon Bex.

Back in 2008, Aubrey landed a role in Hairspray on Broadway playing Amber Von Tussle. After appearing in Peep Show and being featured on various songs, she starred in her own reality show All About Aubrey, as well as The Celebrity Apprentice, Celebrity Big Brother 18 & Living Single on E! where she started a relationship with Jersey Shore alum, Pauly D.

In 2013, she released a solo album Between Two Evils which peaked at #25 on the US Independent Albums chart. For now, she continues her music career with Bex and continues to stay in the spotlight!

Dawn Richard: Richard was the first of the group to release music with a major label, Bad Boy Records, after DK's split. She has also notably released her own sunglasses line, released three solo albums since 2013 (two of which hit the top 5 on the US Dance chart), and posed nude for a PETA campaign.

Shannon Bex: Bex has not been in the spotlight too much, although she was one of the lead voices in Danity Kane. She is now involved in the electropop duo Dumblonde with Aubrey O'Day. Bex also released a solo album back in 2012 which peaked at #77 on the US R&B/HipHop charts.

Dumblonde has achieved some notable success, with their debut album hitting #1 on the US Heatseekers chart and #3 on the US Dance chart!

Fun Fact: Shannon was also the oldest of the group and was the only married one!

D. Woods: These days, Woods is most known as the founder & CEO of Woodgrane Entertainment. She has also appeared in multiple music videos, including Lil Wayne's Prom Queen, as well as released two EPs which unfortunately, did not do too well. However, she is rumored to be coming out with a visual album soon. Fingers crossed!

Aundrea Fimbres: She has been most notably known for her high vocal range and soprano voice, taking the lead on DK's single Ride for You. Her and Aubrey O'Day were also self-proclaimed best friends throughout filming on Making the Band and during the band's active years.

In 2010, she toured with latin band Soto and was named executive producer of J-Live Entertainment's Next Big Thing Show. She appeared on Dawn Richard's EP. She had told Aubrey O'Day back in 2011 that she did not want to be in the business anymore so I doubt we will hear from her anytime soon!


The electropop duo formed by Bex and O'Day have achieved notable success with their debut album peaking at #1 on US Heatseekers chart and #3 on US Dance chart. They have sold over 10,000 copies and released 5 music videos. Additionally, they have been very active with Pride and performing at many Pride events across the country. They are rumored to be releasing new music soon and they are likely to gain even more success!

Danity Kane is always overlooked when girl groups are in discussion and though they are very underrated, they have released two top ten hits, achieved gold and platinum status, and broken records for girl groups on the charts. Although doubtfully, maybe they will get back together & create some great music again!

Best of luck to all the former members of Danity Kane in their careers going forward! Check out their debut single & music video below!


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