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Dancing Through Life with NIKE Athlete Dexter Carr: Exclusive Interview

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Exclusive interview with dancer, choreographer, influencer and NIKE athlete, Dexter Carr.

Dexter Carr | Photographer: Monseé | PR: 13 Publicity
Dexter Carr | Photographer: Monseé | PR: 13 Publicity

Dexter Carr is no stranger to the spotlight. As a successful dancer, choreographer, and NIKE Athlete.

Back in November, Carr was named a NIKE athlete and launched him on their app where he teaches exclusive dance classes. Not only that, but Dexter Carr also teaches dance classes at PLAYGROUND LA.

Read our exclusive interview with him below to learn what it feels like for him to be NIKE athlete and how he got his start in dance


You have developed an incredible career for yourself, getting your first professional gig dancing in Chris Brown's "Kiss, Kiss." How does it feel to have started your career off with one of the biggest artists in music?

"It’s so interesting because my introduction in the industry felt like such a “canon ball”. I was riding in car with my friend and her dad & the audition for the Chris Brown music video came on the radio, yes the radio! ha. Ended up going to the audition and booking it, also ended up being his body double for some scenes. This experience taught me so much about the industry, but what it also taught me is that this dream of mine is possible. From that moment, I decided to fully immerse myself in training to become a professional dancer."

You have worked with the best of the best artists and brands: Katy Perry, Tinashe, Beyonce, James Corden, JLo, Janet Jackson and more. What have been some of your favorite projects or artists to work with?

"My absolute favorite project to this day is my campaign with Nike. The brand, the vibe, the message, the fashion, the freedom just matched up with who I strive to be as an artist seamlessly. Not to mention, it’s pretty awesome to be called a Nike athlete (still pinching myself). It felt so incredible to work on a project where you were treated with such respect, care & love. It’s an experience I will never forget and am so honored to be apart of the Nike family."

Dexter Carr | Photographer: Monseé | PR: 13 Publicity
Dexter Carr | Photographer: Monseé | PR: 13 Publicity

As you mentioned, you're also a NIKE athlete and featured on their app teaching dancing classes. What is it like to be featured on such a huge digital stage and what kind of classes can users expect to see from you?

"It feels INCREDIBLE! It feels surreal, it feels like all the days of training & pushing myself have paid off. Also it feels very inspiring because I know now that there’s a younger generation of dancers that will be able to feel the same joy & pride that I feel, so that in itself is a gift. Working with Nike is exactly what you would imagine it would be like, magical."

How did you get your start in dance?

"I was 16 years old and my best friend pulled me up on stage at a pep rally to freestyle & I got the biggest rush through my entire body. I told everybody the story, and they all kinda rolled their eyes and chuckled. I was also a very shy kid so they knew I probably got up there and made a fool of myself, and whether I did or not I loved that feeling I had on that stage. I finally felt free, I finally felt like my truest self, and I never wanted to let that feeling go."

Who are your biggest inspirations?

"Bob Fosse, Lenny Kravitz, & Prince."

Those are great inspirations to have! Speaking of inspired, follow Dexter Carr on social to see his dance skills and keep up with all he has going on.

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