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Celebs React to Trump's Impeachment

As of Wednesday, December 2019, President Trump is officially the third U.S. President to be impeached. He will soon face a senate hearing. The impeachment is trending all over Twitter with varying reactions, but what are the celebrities saying?

Alyssa Milano has been very outspoken against Trump since his candidacy.

Teen heartthrob, Cole Sprouse, calls for a celebration and sings Trump a lovely lullaby!

Meek Mill want's Trump to live-stream, and to be honest, we do too.

Tomi Lahren admits it's actually good for his reelection.

Jordyn Woods announced her happiness, although fans were wondering if it was about Trump's impeachment, or the upcoming Drake/Future collab.

Lizzo's tweet aged like a fine...peach?

James Charles calls it a Christmas Miracle!

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