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Ava Cantrell: Actress and Entrepreneur

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Ava Cantrell is branching out from acting into entrepreneurship, and we have the scoop on her new company.

Ava Cantrell grew up in the entertainment industry. At only 19, she has already been featured in some of television's biggest shows and big-budget films! Currently, Cantrell has a recurring role on the hit TV show, Young Sheldon, as Molly. You have also seen her in one of her award-winning roles: "One Under the Sun" as Amelia Voss, "Haunted Hathaways" as Penelope Pritchard on Nickelodeon, Warner Bros' "Lights Out" as Diana, and more. She is also a proud recipient of the 2017 Rising Star Award at La Femme Film Festival.

Although a highly sought after teen actress as well as a producer, that's not quite enough for the young superstar. She used her time during quarantine wisely; to become an entrepreneur and start up a great business.

We had a chance to chat with Cantrell and learn about everything she has going on. Check out the full interview below.


You are a HUGE success in the entertainment industry, starring in some of television’s biggest hits and chart-topping movies! What made you decide to branch out from entertainment and become a young entrepreneur? 

"Thank you, that is so sweet. I am so lucky to have a long-spanning career and body of work I am truly proud of! I have never been a person that solely focuses on one thing. I think that is what made it so easy to branch out. I have never put all my eggs in one basket. My career was really heating up when I was in high school, but I never let my focus up on academics and getting good grades. I had a 4.4 GPA in high school and graduated as valedictorian. When the pandemic hit, I was spending so much time online and had so much screen time that my eyes were getting strained and my sleep was troubled. I asked my parents, who own another eyewear company, to source blue-light blocking lenses as I was reading good things about them, and we realized that the market was lacking in higher quality glasses. Voila, the business was born. I have been able to launch a business, attend online community college as well as audition online and I love staying busy!"

Your career started out on Nickelodeon and exploded quickly! What was it like growing up in the entertainment industry and starting on such a prominent network? 

"I loved working on Nickelodeon as a young actor. Not many people get to work on kid networks as young people and my experience was amazing. I loved working on Paramount where there is so much history in film and tv. It was a dream come true. My role started as a guest star and ended up being recurring. That was great motivation as a young actor that if you work hard, and do your job well, they ask you to come back. The same exact thing happened on Young Sheldon."

Young Sheldon is one of TV’s hottest shows and you play Molly on the show. What was it like to be a part of a show watched by millions of people?

"Not only did I get to work on Young Sheldon, one of the hottest tv shows, but my character also got to work with Jason Alexander TWICE! He's so legendary. I love the cast and crew and I am proud to have worked on that show. I got some extra lines on set, and that was so exciting. The producers and director handed me the Rocky 4 speech and asked if I could do it pretty quickly. I knew I had to be fast and excellent and I am happy to say I did it in one take and it ended up in episode!"

Recently, you expanded your acting into movies, future lead role in Abigail and before that, Lights Out. What is different about acting in movies vs. television? Which do you prefer? 

"I love them equally for different and the same reasons. In television sitcoms, it is 3 or 4 cameras so there are a lot fewer takes, and there are faster production time and quicker gratification to see yourself and share your work on screen. In movies, the director has a lot more control over the story and it can change. It can be more of an evolving creative process. In both the cast and crew for a short time is like immediate family and in most cases the relationships continue way after the cameras have stopped rolling."

It is crazy to think you have time to launch your own brand, ZOOMe, which sells fashionable Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Can you tell us more about this brand? 

"I used my quarantine time wisely lol! I love my brand and as stated above I developed it because of a need in the market. ZOOMe blue-light blocking glasses block the harmful blue rays which stain your eyes as well as disrupt sleep. We carry very fashionable optical quality glasses that are more like traditional non-prescription glasses just to block blue rays. Recently Women's Health Mag featured our Fade glass as the most fashionable and best on the market and it is so cool to get such great recognition and talk to awesome people like guys about my glasses. Our store is ranking really high, and we just launched. I am so proud and excited. I think it is important to love and believe in what you are selling and not just slap your name on it. I wanted quality glasses that are fashionable and most importantly will protect eyes. Our eyes are so important and worthy of taking care of."

You have said your family story is interesting, with your father being a past Shark Tank winner, and now you’re jumping into the world of entrepreneurship as well. Is this part of the reason why you have decided to become a young entrepreneur? 

"My family has always been entrepreneurs so yes, much easier, and more of a sure path to success with them. No one wants to take big risks right now during the pandemic, but online business is a good plan. My product is a helpful one as well, and my family has eyewear connections. We are learning new tools as well. We have had to jump in areas that we had never jumped in before. We are also evolving with our business. I always knew I would get into business with my family, but I didn't know it would happen so early on. We found the right thing, at the right time, with extra time so we jumped right in."

Is there anything coming up that you are looking forward to that you can share?

"Right before the pandemic hit, I had three projects filling the month of March. What I can share with you is that I have my first romantic lead in a show by Brandon TV. I might or might not be a good girl, I might or might not have a boyfriend who might be gay, I might or might not have a substance problem. I am sharing exclusively with you that my character Chelsea in Crestmore is going to be unlike any other role I have ever played, and I am here for it!"


We are beyond excited to see Ava Cantrell tackle this new role, and will definitely be grabbing a pair of fashionable ZOOMe glasses! For more, follow us on social media @KBPopCulture.

Keep up with Ava on social media below and get your glasses:

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