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Exclusive Interview With Model Laura LaFrate

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Fashion model Laura LaFrate competed back in 2012 on Cycle 18 of the hit reality series America's Next Top Model, where she landed 2nd place and became a serious fan-favorite! Since then, she's gone on to be a signed model with dozens of photoshoots under her belt and more!

In an interview with LaFrate, she gave us the details on her life as a model, what it's like having fans (or as she likes to call them, "friends that I have yet to meet"), and her thoughts on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show being cancelled! Check out her raw and inspirational interview...

At what age did you know you wanted to model professionally?

"I actually never intended to model professionally. I always wanted to work with animals. When I was 15 my mom encouraged me to participate in a pageant for scholarship money. I ended up winning and was signed to a small time modeling contract. It was then I realized modeling was more than looking pretty and fell in love with the artist outlet it provided."

What is it like having such a large amount of fans/followers, waiting to see your next picture or shoot?

"It’s quite hard. I never want to disappoint anyone who takes the time to invest in me but I have had many problems with anxiety in the past and now. I want to show everyone my world but at the same time I also wish to be secretive and solitary. It’s quite a pull between my two sides of my personality. I hope one day to find a happy balance between the two."

You’ve done some incredible photo shoots! What is your favorite fashion shoot that you’ve done since finishing the show?

"My favorite shoot was recently with an amazing photographer who I have known since I was 16, Jude Goldman. It was a special shoot with my best friend Tara Rule. We have been inseparable for over 15 years and we never have had the chance to express it in photos. This time we did and they are images which contain precious memories I will look back on forever."

Do you still watch ANTM? Do you find yourself going back to watch your season?

"I actually don’t watch tv much I read mostly. To be honest I have never even seen my season past episode 2."

You were one of the fan-favorites on cycle 18, and now one of the most successful. Would you consider participating in an All-Stars season?

"I would love to come back. Mostly for the fact I have grown a lot since my show aired and really want to repay my fans (I hate that word fans by the way, I prefer friends I have yet to meet) who have supported me through the years. I want to win to give back all the love and support they have given me."

What was your favorite photo shoot on ANTM?

"Definitely the one in Macau with the red dress. I felt unstoppable and at the same time vulnerable in that moment and the photo reflects it perfectly."

laura lafrate antm 18

What is your favorite part of a photo shoot day?

"Break time where everyone talks about their lives and family. Really makes you see how one thing connects people from all different backgrounds."

All time favorite cheat-day meal?

"I cheat a lot :). My favorite cheat is nachos."

What are the best & worst parts about modeling?

"Best part is the travel and experiences you create along the way. The worst is how some people view you as less intelligent for being a model as your career. I was very hurt to see so many people in the world believe models are nothing but flesh hangers with no substance or self worth."

laura lafrate antm 18

If you had to pick any other career, what would it have been?

"I can do more than one, I am a writer, a painter, a carpenter and more. Modeling is just one facet of that individuals life."

Where do you see your modeling/fashion career taking you?

"I use my experience from the media and marketing side of the modeling industry to help me cultivate a career in screenwriting and film."

What’s one piece of advice you have for young women trying to make it as a model?

"Always look at modeling as a tool not a goal. Use it to bring you across the globe, to meet new people, to open yourself up to new ideas. Never stop there, because being a model is more than looking good in pictures, it’s a chance to find out who you are as a person."

What do you think about the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show being cancelled?

"I had no idea actually. I don’t have much of an opinion as I don’t wear underwear."

Do you think ANTM should keep going or has it run its course?

"I think ANTM should have one last hooray and end. The world is changing and I think giving the show a good send off will help motivate a new generation of stars and artists in a whole new way."

Any fun or secret upcoming projects/photoshoots you can share with us?

"I can’t say really! Only that I promise that whatever I do will never be boring!"

laura lafrate covergirl antm 18

We can't wait to see what's next for this rockstar model! Follow her on Instagram @llafrate.

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