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  • Brandon West

The Must-Have Looks for Fall!

Ah yes, fall. It's finally getting cooler and you can break out those fashionable jeans, scarfs, and sweaters. No doubt those are a staple every year, but what specific fall fashion trend is a must-have for this year?

Girls - "Urban Cowgirl"

Yes, you read that right. According to the Huffington Post, this look is all the rage for this season. The "Urban Cowgirl" look consists of Southerwestern-inspired pieces like rancher hats, big belts, and (of course) boots.

Dayna Johnson, the in-house style expert of Etsy wrote, "Shoppers are channeling their inner cowgirls (and boys) with sophisticated fringe, rancher hats, and embellished denim." She also predicts that as the temperature starts to drop, the cowboy boot sales will rise.

Want to mimic this style? You won't struggle finding pieces to put this look together, as most major trendy fashion retailers are carrying these eclectic pieces. One in particular (no surprise here) is Anthropologie, as you can see from the below shot on their Instagram.

anthropologie fall fashion

Guys - Eclectic Workwear Layering

I know guys, it seems like a lot of work, but I promise it's simpler than it sounds. Chances are you already have some of these pieces in your closet!

What does this look consist of? Lots of layering: Vests, V-neck sweaters and tees (yes, V-necks are back in style), and rugged-style jeans and jackets (hello jeans and leather jackets!). The photo above, courtesy of GQ, shows everything you need. Once it cools down, feel free to layer on the clothing and don't be afraid of mixing patterns so you can look more fashionable than your friends. That's all that matters in life... right?

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