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  • Isaiah Joshua Lawrence

JLo and A-Rod are our Fit Couple Goals

At a young 49 years old, Jennifer Lopez still looks impressively desirable. How does she keep it up?

Many of her strenuous workouts are regularly shared on her and long-term boyfriend and baseball superstar, Alex Rodriguez Instagram pages, as she balances being on stage as a singer, actor and mother.

There’s a photo of the “Dinero” singer brought to everyone’s attention where she’s walking out of SoMi Fitness in Miami wearing a crop top and leggings, which revealed her remarkable body. According to Vogue, her crop top is said to be 305-inspired.

It is no secret that JLo is looking better than ever before. What is her secret?

It appears that having fabulously chiseled abs isn’t what motivates her. Lopez appears to not want to look healthy, but truly be healthy. Most recently A-Rod and Jenny from the Block took to social media to challenge their friends, family and fans to participate in a 10-Day Challenge with them.

The strict 10-day challenge consisting of a no carb, no sugar diet.

We should all feel motivated to workout after seeing Jennifer Lopez maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you embark on a trip to the gym inspired by Jennifer Lopez, keep her songs in your playlist for optimum success.

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