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  • Joel Young

Are Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson done for?

Grande and Davidson recently broke things off, ending their spontaneous engagement and crushing fans’ love for the famous couple.

She received a wedding ring worth 93k, and even wrote a song about him in her new album “sweetener,” titled “pete davidson.” It seemed as though they were in love and had plans for the future. What happened?

Her giant diamond teardrop wedding ring

Of course it’s a shock to see an end to what seemed to Grande’s fans an iconic and endearing couple, but what their split really conjures is the daunting question: Is Ariana okay?

Ariana has been through hell the past couple years. Dealing with a concert bombing, the death of her ex fiance, even getting groped on live television. And now Pete Davidson? What is to come for Ariana Grande? We can only pray for her stability and hope she gets through whatever pain she is enduring.

Her music has helped many, especially her new album which was placed at the number 1 spot on Billboard 200 chart. In her new songs she sings of coming out of sadness and inspires her fans to draw away from the negativity in their lives.

We can only hope that Grande’s decision to split with Davidson is just another step for her up to happiness. Maybe she’s just trying to keep that grip of light she states is coming to “take back everything the darkness stole.”

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