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  • Norman Browning

Why We Shouldn't Count JoJo Out!

JoJo burst onto the scene at 13 with her hit single, “Leave (Get Out).” She released 2 albums, and another hit single, “Too Little Too Late.” After that, she was mysteriously quiet as far as the general public could tell. However, JoJo was making moves behind the scenes.

Over the 10 years between The High Road and Mad Love, JoJo released 2 mixtapes, 2 EPs, a Tringle (3 singles at once), and multiple songs leaked online. Most people weren’t aware that JoJo was trying to get out of an oppressive contract with Blackground Records. Some lawyers told her that she wouldn’t be able to do it, but she did.

Since getting out of her deal with Blackground, JoJo has released an album with Atlantic Records, gone on 3 headlining tours, supported Fifth Harmony on their 7/27 Tour, and established a joint venture label with Interscope Records!

So why do we need JoJo in 2018? Most people count her out as someone from back in the day, but JoJo has a lot more to give:

1. Sadly, mainstream radio is ageist, especially against women. However, JoJo is only 27! She still has a lot of time for a full-scale comeback under Interscope.

2. JoJo is versatile musically. JoJo has recorded R&B, pop, pop/rock, house, and probably more types of music. The same JoJo sang Demonstrate, Good Thing, and Too Little Too Late. Freaking CRAZY.

3. Her music is real. She doesn’t just release a song for a hit. JoJo’s songs have meaning and they speak to the soul. Songs like Music and Clovers have been songs that have spoken to me throughout her career.

4. She has the voice of a goddess. As someone who has seen her multiple times live, she is so much better live than she is on the recordings. I know that it’s hard to believe, but trust me, those recordings just don’t do her justice. An amazing example is this performance at the PBS Smokey Robinson tribute back in 2017.

5. She is a hustler. I can’t think of any other singer that has been more persistent than JoJo. No other singer that I can think of has been in a deal as oppressive as hers and for as long as she was stuck. She has been consistent with music releases, even when she wasn’t able to officially release music. It shows her love for music and her love for the fans.

6. She has a strong fan base. According to her manager, 69 out of the 78 shows on the Mad Love tour sold out and most of the shows on the Leaks, Covers, and Mixtapes Tour sold out! JoJo’s fan base is a ride or die group that has been with her through thick and thin and will continue to be with her.

7. She has new music coming soon! She signed a joint venture deal with Interscope to release music under Clover Music/Interscope Records! JoJo said that she was going into “album mode” right after she finished her tour last month! Get ready for more music!

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