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  • Brandon West

Tinashe is the R&B Star We Need

With three studio albums out and a Top 25 hit, Tinashe is still finding her sound, but she is coming for the crown.

Still an up and coming star, Tinashe remains dedicated to grinding in the studio to show that she can make the climb to stardom and make it amongst the R&B stars of today!

Few people know this, but Tinashe was actually a part of a girl group dubbed "The Stunners" before her mainstream solo debut in 2014. Although the group was eventually unsuccessful and disbanded, we aren't mad at all; it gave us Tinashe! *fun fact: "The Stunners" girl group also featured the up&coming singer Hayley Kiyoko

Her 3rd studio album, Joyride, was just recently released on April 13, 2018 to favorable critical acclaim. Joyride has given us three hot singles: "No Drama," "Faded Love," and "Me So Bad." This album features her more hip-hop/R&B side versus her earlier rhythmic pop hits. It also features collabs with artists like Future, Offset, and French Montana.

Although her songs are fairly popular, her music fails to hit the top of the Billboard charts. Her album Joyride peaked at very low #84 on the Billboard 200. She has released 10 singles and only 1 has charted on the Billboard Hot 100: "2 On." While the charting of this song isn't a surprise, it is a surprise that it only hit #24 on the Billboard Hot 100 (and #3 on the R&B charts). Given that this song was a hit, and the 2010's equivalent of Cassie's 2004 mega-hit "Me&U," it really should have charted higher. No shade to Cassie (we love her, I promise), but Tinashe is making the music and career we wish Cassie had back when she was relevant. Was that too harsh? Oh well.

The music industry needs a real R&B singer who can dance, sing, model, etc. Tinashe can do all of that & more! While every new (and old) R&B singer (Beyonce, SZA, H.E.R. for example) is trying to do something new and innovative, we are left with a huge gap in the R&B scene - that 2000's rhythmic pop/hip-hop/r&b sound everyone loved so dearly.

*Remember...Umbrella by Rihanna & Jay-Z? No Scrubs by TLC? Ride by Ciara?*

You are all missing out. "Faded Love" ft. Future should be THE R&B song of the summer. Check out the sultry music video below & be sure to show Tinashe more love by streaming & buying her new album Joyride.

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