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  • Brandon West

Haley Reinhart Announces New Single: Last Kiss Goodbye

American Idol Season 10 alumna Haley Reinhart announced that she is releasing new single, Last Kiss Goodbye!

This new single is following her third studio album, What’s That Sound?, which was released in late 2017. What’s That Sound? was a 60’s-themed album featuring mostly covers and four original songs (groovy!). Haley fans or "Haliens" are thrilled that she is debuting an original song for her (hopefully) upcoming album!

Her new single will be available everywhere on Friday, June 1st. She also announced that she is releasing the music video for her new single on Friday as well! Check out the sneak peak below:

Haley described her to new music as “stripped, emotional, and dreamy,” in a recent tweet.

Hopefully she gets the same attention as she did from her cover (which recently went platinum!) of Can’t Help Falling in Love which was featured in a commercial for Extra Gum and her 2nd studio album, Better.

Follow Haley on Instagram & Twitter (@haleyreinhart) and KB Pop Culture (@kbpopculture) to keep up with the latest #Halien info!

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