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  • Brandon West

Camila Cabello: Saving Pop Music!

As you probably already know, Camila Cabello's self-titled, debut album dropped Friday following her debut single, "Crying in the Club," and her smash hit, "Havana" (which just hit #1 on the Global Spotify charts after coming in second to Post Malone's "Rockstar" for the past few weeks). Let me tell you, she did not come to play with this album, as she shouldn't have! She really needed to prove herself as a solo artist apart from ex-group Fifth Harmony, and she could not have done a better job with this album.

It is full of commercial pop hits that bring back pop music in its best form. It is real pop music - not that horrible techno-pop that you always hear now. Camila is definitely here to stay in the new generation of pop stars, joining the ranks of Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato.

Our favorite tracks? Well, all of them. But if we had to pick some, we'd choose:

  • Into It

  • She Loves Control

  • Real Friends

  • Inside out

Originally, she was going for a more emotional album, relaying her rollercoaster relationship with the other Fifth Harmony members, as she released the tracks "Crying in the Club," and "I Have Questions." However, after the immense success of her single "Havana," she released a string of tweets about how she was in a much better place and a lot happier, so she changed up her album a bit. Ultimately, it was a great move, because it would have been a bit cheesy if she released an album about her tumultuous relationship with 5H. Interestingly, her first two singles ("Crying in the Club" and "I Have Questions") are not even on the album!

She is definitely helping to save real pop music, and all of her vocals on the album are incredible! We are definitely rooting for her success!

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