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Shania Twain is Back!

15 years later, one of the biggest and best country stars of all time, Shania Twain, is back! Twain was coined one the the best-selling female artists in history back in 2002; she is back to reclaim her title. In the 15 years Shania took off from producing an album, she held two residencies in Vegas, completed 2 world tours, won a Grammy and still remained to stay on top of the charts with her 2002 hit album, Up!

Entertainment Weekly caught up with Twain recently where she explained, "I'm so overdue...I feel like I just need to keep making albums now!"

Twain explained that her new album, Now, draws upon years of stored-up musical ideas. She said she was always taking the "rainy-day opportunity" to work on new sounds so by the time she was back in the studio, she had plenty of ideas.

Twain released her most recent single, Life's About to Get Good, in June. The hit quickly became a summer jam and announced that Shania is back and, clearly, better than ever.

Shania's album Now, quickly followed the lead and climbed to Billboards 200 Album's chart, currently sitting at the No. 1 spot. With over 137,000 album purchases within the album's first week, 134,000 of those were in traditional album sales - the third largest sales week for a new country album in 2017, and the largest for a female artist in nearly 2 years!

Shania Twain is back and better than ever. We cannot wait to watch her rise Up! again.

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