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Gossip Girl Turns 10 Years Old!

It has been 10 years since Gossip Girl graced our tv screens. Through the series run we all dipped into the elite lives of "Manhattan's Elite" who lived on the upper east side and gave viewers serious FOMO.

Now on the verge of the 10 year Gossip Girl Anniversary we are reminiscing on our top 10 favorite Gossip Girl Moments and in the words of Blake Lively, "Never Say Never" on a reunion. But in the meantime while we all grasp onto the memories, enjoy our favorite moments below.

1. Serena returns to New York City after her surprise disappearance. The very first scene of GG. Who could ever forget this moment?!

2. Chuck and Blair get cozy in the back of the limo. (For the first time) ...The start of something great!

3. Chuck Bass falling to pieces right in front of our eyes after the original passing of his father, Bart Bass. Personally, Chuck was my favorite character to watch evolve throughout the series.

4. Three word...Eight Letters. Enough said.

5. Blair becomes a royal. For a short time, Blair was a royal. As much as it hurt our hearts to see Blair and Chuck apart, at least Blair had a pretty wedding.

6. Bart Bass returns! Everyone's favorite villain rises from the dead!

7. ...And then he dies again. Bart Bass' death in season 6 represented a new beginning for Chuck.

8. May the real Gossip Girl please stand up! The moment everyone waited for, the actual Gossip Girl reveal.

9. In true Chuck and Blair fashion, their wedding (even when running from the cops) did not disappoint.

10. The finale of Gossip Girl gave us all hope for the future. Between seeing "mini Chuck" to Dan and Serena's wedding, our hearts were full.

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