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The VMAs... What Even Happened?

The 2017 Video Music Awards presented by MTV were filled with laughter, joy, but also quite a few WTF moments. Just like every year, the VMAs gave the world a break from the pressing matters that are going on in society at the current moment. Everyone's favorite stars graced the stage giving us at home and the in audience viewers a vast range of performances and inspirational speeches.

Despite Taylor Swift missing the show, (we would love to know when we will see her again in the flesh) per usual, she still was the big winner of the night.

Kendrick Lamar also stole the night and six Moon Man awards, out of the eight he was nominated for. He opened the show and literally set the place on fire. We expect greatness from him and he has yet to let us down.

However, in true VMA fashion, an over-the-top amount of shade was thrown. In true MTV fashion, the drama was stirring. First, lets talk about 5th Harmony. They began their performance by throwing a fake Camila Cabello life-sized doll off the stage. Honestly, we are still speechless.

Moving on, we all know Katy Perry and Taylor Swift's feud will never officially be over and even though Swift did not attend the award show, her presence was still felt. Jake Antonoff, a frequent artist who collaborates with Swift made it known that he was less than thrilled with Katy Perry's presence by snacking on a banana during her monologue throughout the show.

In relation, Katy Perry later joked about changing into Yeezy's during the show. #TeamKayne ?

The shade did not stop there. Later into the show, Perry strapped a fake baby to herself and joked, "My baby knows all the words to Despacito, unlike other babies we know." Clearly throwing shade at Justin Bieber and his poor lyric choice or really, just inability to remember anything important.

In a moment that had us a little taken back, MTV cut to commercial a few seconds into Julia Michaels singing her hit, Issues. Apparently, it was not TV worthy? Its okay, we still love her.

Lastly, to top it all, Taylor Swift released her video to her new hit, Look What You Made Me Do, shading pretty much everyone, including herself.

The rest is history, until the 2018 VMAs!

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