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Taylor Swift, Welcome Back.

It has been the week of Taylor Swift. The music phenomenon wiped all of her social media accounts clean on Friday, August 18th sending all of her beloved fans into a whirlwind of conspiracy theories.

Fans took to twitter to share their thoughts on Swift's odd behavior. Many believed that the superstar is gearing up to release new music and we agree. Throughout the past few days we, with help, have intensely followed Swift's actions, trying to read in between the lines and get to the bottom of her dramatic return.

Here are the facts:

1. Taylor posts at 11 o'clock every day. Could this mean a November release?

2. She has posted two videos. Both black and white with a snake moving. Could this be a throwback to when the world went crazy and posted the snake emoji under her pictures last year when Kim Kardashian exposed her through snapchat?

3. Taylor was born in the year of the snake, 1989. (Also the title of her last album.)

4. Right when the eclipse began, Taylor posted the first video. People are considering a relation, and possibly the title of her album to be, in fact, Eclipse.

5. At one point yesterday, again during the eclipse, her website turned from black and white to all black. Again, mirroring the eclipse.

6. Some also are thinking she will release her single this Friday to overshadow 5th Harmony's new album in support of long time friend, Camila Cabello.

Stay tuned! We will be updating as we learn more! Also a huge thank you to everyone that has been working with us the past few days to get the most accurate information!

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