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Troian Bellisario - What Can't She Do?!

One of the KB Pop Culture owners recently attended Her Conference - A multi day event where key note speaker - Troian Bellisario shared her wisdom.

"You have to make your own luck."

Troian Bellisario, who most know as Spencer from Pretty Little Liars, left the audience wanting more after her infamous key note speech at Her Conference. Bellisario who began her acting at the age of three, quickly filled her resume as an actress, tv producer, writer and most recently, film producer.


Troian was cool, calm and collected during her speech in front of 700 of the most powerful college aged women in the country. She told jokes and talked with the audience about the highs and lows of her career. She credits her college experience for so much of her success. She explained that her time at The University of Southern California, made her grow into an adult and figure out who she was before she entered the crazy, fast paced life she lives now.

Throughout high school and then college, Bellisario starred in numerous plays, constantly saying "yes" to every opportunity she had, which she later says was a steady theme throughout her life. She urged the audience to always jump at every opportunity - even the ones that may originally steer your life away from your personal plan.

Looking into Bellisario's success - besides her lead role in the hit TV series, Pretty Little Liars, Troian has starred in the WIGS episode series Lauren, for which she received the New York Film Festival Performance by an Actress Award, she appeared, produced and co-written multiple short indie projects and she made her debut as a director during the seventh season of PLL.

Most recently Bellisario released her movie, Feed, which she wrote to document her personal struggles with her eating disorder. Troian talked about Feed during her key note. She said that she wrote the complete script in a week and then the following five years were spent editing, cutting and producing the film. She explained that the film originated from the idea that she wanted to be able to share her struggles in a greater depth with her family and friends and it evolved from there to become the hit feature film.

What is next for the superstar? She isn't sure. She says she is having a great time promoting Feed and is uncertain what is next. However, she has some ideas and is long from done!

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