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Matt Fawcett - Our Monday Inspiration

For the bulk of Matt Fawcett's life he has had guitar in his hands. Fawcett has used his God given talent to spread gospel messages to the world. His songs are simplistic yet powerful. His clear lyrics and interesting tune leave the everyday listener feeling inspired and motivated.

From Fort Wayne, IN. Matt is a husband and father. He also adds that despite his singing/ songwriting career, he is an avid outdoorsmen and sailer.

On Fawcett's youtube channel he has about one hundred videos uploaded, some of covers of his favorite songs and some that he has written himself. Fawcett writes and produces all of his songs right in his house and garage, which you can see in some of his videos.

On April 7th, Matt released his ever powerful record entitled, In the Gray, which can be purchased on Apple Music.

To learn more about Fawcett you can find him on:

Twitter: @Fawcett_Matt

Facebook: @mattfawcettmusic


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