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Jojo Spatafora- From Reality Star to Real Estate Agent

Who says reality stars cannot do it all? Jojo Spatafora, a contestant on Big Brother season 14 has turned her life into an business empire following her 13th place finish on the ever-popular reality series.

Big Brother is a reality game show that is aired every summer. The show features sixteen house guests who play in multiple competitions, vying for power and the ultimate $500,000 grand prize, which is given to one contestant who is the winner at the end of the summer.

Since Jojo's Big Brother run, she has established herself as a New York Real Estate pro and has become an entrepreneur, selling autographed BB14 cast photos and other goods from her most memorable days on the show.

To learn more about Jojo's real estate career and her for sale items you can follow her on twitter @JoJoDoll1

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