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The 10 Most Shocking 'Real Housewives' Fights Ever

If you're a Bravo TV or Real Housewives franchise fan, you're no stranger to the dramatic, shocking (and sometimes hilarious!) fights between the Housewives cast members. Between nearly a dozen franchises, loads of housewives cycled through, and even more fights, we're counting down the 10 Most Shocking Real Housewives' Fights Ever!


10) (Polish) Girls Gone Wild - Joanna Krupa and Adriana De Moura


Ah, the short-lived Miami franchise. So underrated. Girls Gone Wild creator, Joe Francis, showed up during a charity fundraiser event for breast cancer, and claimed he had slept with both Joanna Krupa and her sister, Marta. Adriana De Moura chimed in, saying, “Joe Francis was right, they’re just Polish immigrants trying to get a plate to eat food in.” BIG uh-oh! A nasty fight followed between Krupa, a Polish model, and De Moura. When De Moura tried to walk away, Krupa followed after her, which led to De Moura punching Krupa in the face. Where's the petition to bring back RHOM?

9) St. John Chronicles - Bethenny Frankel and Kelly Bensimon


During a Season 3 trip to St. John, an intoxicated Bensimon went on a rant and wouldn't stop talking about her argument with Frankel. Finally, Frankel got up and yelled 'Go to sleep!" Let's be honest, we were all thinking it.

8) Sisters in the Limo - Kim and Kyle Richards (ft. Adrienne Maloof)


Where it all began... the never-ending feud all started here. This chilling moment. The moment Kyle outed Kim as an alcoholic, Kim yelled at Kyle for taking her house, and SO much more. For a first season of a reality show, this was epic. But honestly, it's sad to relive.

7) Cancer Hoax? - Vicki Gunvalson and RHOC cast


During the Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 Reunion, it was all about Vicki Gunvalson's then-boyfriend Brooks Ayers and his cancer diagnosis, which was questioned by her co-stars. Throughout the entire Reunion, she defended him strongly, until Brooks admitted he fabricated medical documents. He did not have cancer. Soon after, Vicki ended the relationship and is still adamant today that she had no clue of his wrongdoing. The only question we still have is WHY would he do that!? Never thought I'd say this, but poor Vicki.

6) Bye Bye Wig - Sheree Whitfield and Kim Zolciak


During Season 2, Whitfield and Zolciak got into a very heated argument outside of a restaurant, and after exchanging loud voices and mean words, Zolciak tried to walk away. If you're a Real Housewives fanatic, you know it didn't end there! Whitfield grabbed Kim by her 'hair' to keep her from leaving and ended up pulling off her wig. Oops!

5) Joe vs Joe - Joe Giudice and Joe Gorja


Is it really a Real Housewives fight if the husbands don't get involved? The never-ending feud between the Giudices and Gorjas was supposed to be put to bed during this Season 5 trip, but that wasn't exactly the case. After Joe Gorja called his sister, Teresa, 'scum' during a heated argument, the fists came out. Teresa's brother Joe Giudice tackled Gorja and they went at it! The fight took two bodyguards to break them up. When watching a video, you can see how upset the family members are. Truly heartbreaking!

4) Who Gonna Check Me Boo? - Sheree Whitfield and Party Planner


During a meeting with her party planner, Anthony, during Season 2, Sheree got upset that she hadn't met the poet for the party yet. After a heated exchange of words between the two, she uttered the famous line, "Who gonna check me boo?" and then finishes the argument with the shade, "What ever happened to customer service?"

3) Amsterdam Dinner From Hell - Kim Richards and Lisa Rinna (ft. Eileen Davidson)


*Cue Eileen* "Beast!?" This fight was just as shocking and terrifying as it was epic. During a Season 5 trip to Amsterdam, Kim Richards was frustrated with Lisa Rinna and others that they kept bringing up her issues with alcohol, and she threatened to reveal something about Rinna's husband, Harry Hamlin, implying he is unfaithful. Rinna lost it on Richards, lunged at her and screamed “Never go after my husband!” while shattering a wine glass on the table and almost choking her. Screaming, crying, wine glasses flying, and of course Kim's sister Kyle running off and trying to make it about her -- the ultimate RHOBH brawl!

2) The Reunion Tackle - Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore


A fight that ends in arrest? Nothing makes better Reality TV. During the Season 6 Reunion, Kenya Moore accused cast mate Porsha Williams of cheating on her husband (who she has now divorced), and Porsha lost it! She pulled Kenya by her hair to the floor and the two began physically fighting. Security had to separate them, Porsha was asked by host Andy Cohen to leave, and later was arrested after Kenya pressed assault charges.

1) Flipping the Table - Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub


Whether or not you've watched this show, you know about this iconic fight! In what made one of my favorite gifs, during the Season 3 finale, Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub got into an argument over the book A Cop Without a Badge. Giudice went in on Staub, throwing out insults left and right, including calling her a "Prostitution Whore" - yikes! That was followed by Giudice flipping the table over while screaming bleeped out words. As sad as this sounds, it did make her a household name.


There are seriously so many more fights we could have added, but this post would be a mile long! Follow @KBPopCulture on Instagram for all of your Bravo TV news!


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