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The Cast of Dance Moms: Where Are They Now?

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

"Dance Moms" was an unbelievably huge hit for 8 seasons, starting in 2011, despite endless controversies, but where is the original cast of dancers and moms now? From YouTube channels to brand deals, let's take a look at what they're all up to.


Christi Lukasiak (A.K.A. Chloe's mom)

Christi had lovers and haters, as she always stood up for her daughter Chloe, and some might say she even went too far at times. But what ended the bouncing blonde's time on the show? She and daughter Chloe left after Abby Lee Miller called her "washed up." Now, Christi has a popular YouTube channel covering a wide variety of topics ranging from Tik Toks, to "Dance Moms" tell-alls, to recipes. She is also very active on Instagram with 2.2 million followers.

Chloe Lukasiak

There's no doubt Chloe is one of the most-liked dancers from the show. Between her sweet personality (even when getting yelled at!) and incredible dance skills, it's hard not to love the dance star. Although she may not be quite as meek as she used to be. With 6 million Instagram followers and a popular YouTube channel, she is one of social media's most popular influencers. It might be hard to believe because the world watched her grow up, but she is also a college student at Pepperdine University. As if that's not enough, she wrote a book called Girl on Pointe: Chloe's Guide to Taking On The World and has multiple acting credits (including a main part in 'A Cowgirl's Story' in 2017 and The Irreplaceables: Dance Movie in 2019.)

Holly Frazier (A.K.A. Nia's mom)

Nia's mother was often considered one of the more rational and calm mothers throughout the show, even though Nia wasn't always a favorite of dance teacher Abby Lee. She also famously called Abby Lee Miller a "monstrosity of evil." Dr. Holly Frazier is now keeping busy as a mother of three and on social media, where she has about 2 million Instagram followers. Holly also made a cameo appearance on The Bold And The Beautiful in 2018 with her daughter.

Nia Sioux

Although not the most popular or best technical dancer, she was certainly one of the most likable kids. Her constant hard work and never-give-up attitude propelled her into stardom! Since the show, she has been working non-stop, starring in he Bold And The Beautiful in 2018, releasing a lot of music, and starting college at UCLA in 2019. She just recently released a single called "Low Key Love" in March. Listen here. Not only that, but she recently wrote a children's book on dance.

Gianna "Gia" Martello

Taking a break from the mothers and dancers is everyone's favorite dance teacher, Gia! Abby's right-hand-girl, she helped choreograph and teach, and was a nice balance to Abby's...intense...behavior. What many people don't know is that Gia was actually a dancer at the ALDC since age six. Gia returned to the show in 2019 for Dance Moms: Resurrection. Now, with over 1 million Instagram followers, she is very active on social media. She lives in L.A. and continues to choreograph and judge dance competitions.

Kelly Hyland (A.K.A. Brooke & Paige's mom)

Possibly the show's most controversial mother, Kelley was a member of the ALDC long before the show, but quit at 14 to pursue cheerleading. Abby seemed to never forgive her for it, and we saw their rocky relationship play out on cameras. She quit with her daughters in season four, after she and Abby got into a physical fight. After the show, Kelly sued Abby for defamation, after Abby allegedly implied Kelly was an unfit mother and alcoholic. The suit was dismissed. These days, Kelly is active on Instagram and still strongly supporting her daughters.

Brooke Hyland

Originally the only teen, Brooke was often in a different situation than most girls. She was the original favorite of Abby, but started to lose interest in dance as she became older and wanted to be a normal teen and try other things like her mother did. She left the show in season four along with her sister Paige. Since then, she has been focusing on school and traveling, recently graduating from Ohio University. She now lives in L.A. and regularly shares photos with her 3.5 million Instagram followers.

Paige Hyland

Often on the receiving end of Abby's wrath (and a thrown chair!) due to Abby and mom Kelly's rocky relationship, the dancer eventually sued her former teacher for emotional distress after leaving the show in season four. The suit was dismissed. Now, with 3.4 million Instagram followers, the former dancer has been focusing on growing her modeling career while being in school at West Virginia University.

Jill Vertes (A.K.A. Kendall's mom)

Known early on for fighting with many of the other moms and kissing Abby's behind, she eventually became more accepted by the group. She was also known for threatening to leave almost every episode. Now, she regularly posts on Instagram with her children and was featured in The Irreplaceables: Dance Movie (2019) with her daughter and some of the other ALDC dancers.

Kendall Vertes

Although not always considered an original member, she did join early on in season two. She left briefly but came back. She left for good in season seven to join Kalani and Chloe as The Irreplaceables. Since then, she has been busy acting and modeling, starring in Rapunzel: A Princess Frozen in Time in 2019. She also has one of the largest social media followings of the cast at almost 8 million and regularly partners with brands.

Jessalynn Siwa (A.K.A. JoJo's mom)

A former dance teacher and studio owner, she wasn't always the favorite amongst the other dance moms. She stuck with Abby til the end, and even made an appearance in the show's reboot in season eight. Now that JoJo is an ENORMOUS child star on Nickelodeon and more, Jessalynn regularly shares behind-the-scenes photos of her life while supporting her daughter.

JoJo Siwa

JoJo shot to the spotlight in Abby's "Ultimate Dance Competition" series, but did not officially join the "Dance Moms" cast until season five. She left at the end of season six, when she received a huge consumer deal with Nickelodeon. She is arguably the most famous and relevant dancer from the show, and made a cameo in season eight. She's appeared in several shows for Nickelodeon and has a popular singing career. She also has a makeup line, a hit YouTube channel, and has written several books, including JoJo & Bow Bow Take The Stage. She is basically the 'Hannah Montana' of today.

Kira Girard (A.K.A. Kalani's mom)

Kira left the show in season four with her daughter to focus on family, but they both returned in season five. Since then, she has been featured in The Irreplaceables: Dance Movie (2019) with her daughter and some of the other ALDC dancers. She also does some fashion styling for and regularly shares photos of her family and fitness on social media.

Kalani Hilliker

She was known as Abby's second favorite, behind Maddie of course. She joined in season four, left for family obligations, but then returned in season five. Kalani soon left to join The Irreplaceables. Since the show, Kalani has been working in acting. She currently stars as Sabrina in the TV series Dirt. She's also done some modeling, and appeared in a campaign for PromGirl.

Asia Monet Ray

Joining in the third season, this wild child was a fan favorite due to her high-energy and clear superstar potential. But after a while, she decided she was not interested in being a competitive dancer and did not return for season four. Asia has since landed a Lifetime reality show called Raising Asia and has had several acting roles, including playing Sydney Simpson in American Crime Story and Jasmine in Grey’s Anatomy.

Melissa Gisoni (A.K.A. Maddie & Mackenzie's mom)

Once referred to as the 'Godfather of the Dance Moms,' Melissa was Abby's main ally due to Maddie being Abby's favorite. Though they had their fair share of arguments, she stayed loyal to Abby until the family left the show at the end of season six. Now, she is staying busy supporting her daughters' careers and sharing photos with her 3.7 million Instagram followers. Undoubtedly the 'Kris Jenner' of Dance Moms.

Mackenzie Ziegler

Appearing for six seasons, and literally growing up in front of our eyes from the age of six, she was one of the biggest stars along with her sister Maddie. She also started a music career on the show in 2014, with her album, Mack Z, and released a followup called Phases in 2018. She's been on several tours and also modeled for big names like Ralph Lauren. Mackenzie was also a runner-up on the first season of Dancing with the Stars: Juniors. She is super active on Instagram with 14 million followers. She now goes by Kenzie, and even has a song with Sia coming very soon!

Maddie Ziegler

The breakout star of "Dance Moms," she was clearly Abby's favorite and won numerous state, regional, and national titles. After an emotional exit in season six due to her busy schedule, she has kept an active career in acting, modeling, and of course, dancing. She's been on Dancing with the Stars and has appeared in several of Sia's music videos. She'll also appear in Sia's movie, Music, as well as West Side Story, both in 2020. Check out her Instagram with 13.6 million followers.

And last but not least...

Abby Lee Miller

Famous or infamous? You decide, but that does not deny her incredible impact on the world of reality TV and dance. Her abrasive attitude made her the dance teacher people loved to hate. Abby has been through a lot since leaving the show in 2017. She went to jail for felony bankruptcy fraud and was later diagnosed with Burkitt lymphoma, a rare type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. She went through ten rounds of chemotherapy and is now continuing physical therapy to walk again after announcing that she's cancer-free in May 2019. Thankfully, she still returned to the show for season 8, Dance Moms: Resurrection, which premiered in June 2019. After allegations of racism, she has decided to not return for season nine and focus on her health.


Many dancers have been in and out the doors of the Abby Lee Dance Company, but these are the ones that made the show what it was, and based on their busy schedules, they won't be disappearing any time soon. Who was your favorite ALDC dancer or dance mom? Tell us on social media @KBPopCulture.


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