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  • Kaitlin Popow

Remembering a Legend: Kobe Bryant

Most of the world scrolled through social media on Sunday to see something they never thought they would see in a 100 years; Kobe Bryant had been in a helicopter crash and died. The world went silent.

Everyone's hearts were and are still, heavy.

As the news continued to pour in from multiple sources we learned that the Laker's superstar was traveling to the Mamba Training Facility for day 2 of a tournament with his 13 year old daughter, Gianna, two of her teammates and their families. All of whom passed away upon impact, including the pilot, who was a longtime pilot for Kobe and other stars, such as the Kardashians.

The news was too much for anyone to handle. It seemed like with every article published, the worse it got. Days later, the world is still hurting. But, we are all thinking of the ones close to the people on that helicopter, as their grieving process has just begun.

Lakers fans, celebrities, and friends of Kobe took to social media to share their condolences towards the Bryant Family and simply grieve together. The world was lit in purple and gold from LAX to the Empire State Building. Petitions have been started for Bryant's silhouette to be the new NBA symbol as well as a petition for his number to be retired league wide.

The Grammys were scheduled to be held just hours later inside "The house that Kobe built," - the Staples Center. Fans mourned the loss by praying together, making memorials and reminiscing outside the famous venue. Inside, the Grammys made a point to honor the Basketball Hall of Famer multiple times throughout the evening. Due to the tragic events that happened this past Sunday, we, KB Pop Culture decided to step away from our Grammys Red Carpet coverage and hug our families a bit tighter.

We give all of our love to the Bryant family and ALL of the families impacted by this tragedy.


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