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Pop Culture Catch-Up with K&B

Alright pop culture lovers, here are a few things you might have missed in the last few days due to the (somewhat overwhelming) plethora of pop culture news!

1. Prince Harry & Megan Markle travel to Africa

(photo: E! Online)

The royally beautiful couple checked into Botswana a few days ago to celebrate the actress' 36th birthday. E! News reports that the couple wants to "get really close with the animals and people." How royal of them! Markle and the Prince have also recently celebrated their one-year anniversary. Maybe Prince Harry has calmed down from his party days and is ready to settle down?


2. Liam Payne suggests One Direction reunion

Everyone try remain calm...One Direction will reunite! According to the 'Get Low' singer, the band will "have to" reunite at some point with an album and tour. Payne mentioned to E! News that he is excited to write with the boys again. However, will their reunion be successful, like Destiny's Child 2004 reunion or a bit of a flop, like the Backstreet Boys?


3. Bachelorette Finale

Okay so most people by now know that Bachelorette, Rachel Lindsay, picked Bryan Abasolo as the winner of the dating show (an EXTREMELY unpopular opinion on social media), and they are now engaged. What you might not know, is that her finale dress, which she mentioned briefly is heavy, weighed a hefty 30 POUNDS! Yikes. Maybe lugging around heavy dresses is how she stays in such great shape?


4. Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes' Disney Vacation

Few couples are as perfect as Gosling & Mendes on their trip to Disney. #CoupleGoals (Photos by TMZ)

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