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Peter Weber's Season of The Bachelor: What to Expect

"One of the best seasons for people that are truly watching the show for a love story" -Peter 'Pilot Pete' Weber

Prepare for turbulence ladies and gentleman! The new season of The Bachelor starring fan-favorite Peter 'Pilot Pete' Weber is airing on Monday, Jan. 6th on ABC. In an interview with E! News, Weber revealed it is a season of true love, lots of drama (duh!), and some "Bachelor firsts."

Chris Harrison also compared Weber to Bachelor fan-favorite, Ben Higgins.

"Very emotional, very sincere, gonna be a fan favorite," Harrison says. "There's a time when the hat I have to wear is tough love, of kind of being the elder statesmen of like hey, enough, we gotta take some steps here. I don't want to give too much away, butt here's an emotional point where this comes to, and I think that's what this season will really be known for." 

Ok, is anyone else officially hooked now!? Here are a few more facts to know before you tune in to ABC on Jan. 6th for the start to the drama:

~ There are about 30 contestants. There was a rumor at one point that Hannah Brown would be a contestant, but that's not true. HOWEVER, Weber's windmill sex partner does show up one night to talk with him and give their 'relationship' the clean break it never got. Sounds like some juicy stuff!

~ Contestant Victoria Fuller has been revealed as a huge source of drama this season, so watch out for her!

~ So after being known for being very open about sex and the windmill situation, this season is supposedly full of... um... lust and, well, sex. Weber admits while there is a lot of that going on and there is a theme around sexual fantasies, there is also a lot of romance and love involved.

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