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New Bravo Housewife, Garcelle Beauvais, Makes History

While it's not uncommon for a black woman to be cast as a housewife on The Real Housewives series, Garcelle Beauvais is the first black woman to be cast in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

After how the last season ended with the matriarch of the show, Lisa Vanderpump, leaving in an uproar, fans weren't sure how the infamous show would continue. Bravo had to do something... and quick! Andy Cohen and team decided to bring in Garcelle Beauvais, their first and only black woman of the series. Adding Beauvais will hopefully bring in a new demographic of viewers that were lost with Vanderpump.

With Hollywood and Beverly Hills changing and becoming more diverse, Garcelle's entrance could not have come at a better time (although maybe sooner).

Given that season ten premiered last night on April 15, what do we know about the luxurious housewife? The Hatian-born 53-year-old was a model in her teens, modeling for Calvin Klein and garnering numerous magazine covers, and then transitioned into acting where she saw moderate success appearing on The Jamie Foxx Show and others. She will reportedly have a key role in the upcoming Coming to America sequel. Though her acting career is going strong, she is diving head-first into the reality TV world with confidence.

"It feels great," she described her new position as a Housewife to the hosts of The Real last month. "I also feel like it's about time because [Black women] are in every zip code."

How was her transition into the housewives group during the premiere? TV Fanatic breaks it down...

"The addition of Garcelle Beauvais was seamless. Real housewives come and go, but it takes a certain type of person to strike a chord with the entire cast. Garcelle is a fun-loving model-actress who is not afraid to speak her mind. The moment she arrived, she wanted to party the night away. Given that she's been introduced as Denise's friend, there's a good chance more secrets about Denise will come to light."

Although her transition into the group was seamless, we know there will be some D-R-A-M-A unfold throughout this milestone season! Stay tuned for more by following us on Instagram (@KBPopCulture).

Meet her in Bravo's official video below!


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