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Meredith O’Connor and Neave Trio Meet at the 65th GRAMMY® Awards, Hint at Possible Collab

Meredith O’Connor and GRAMMY® Nominated Group Neave Trio meet at the 65th Annual GRAMMY® Awards, and hints at a possible collaboration.

Meredith O’Connor and Neave Trio (Eri Nakamura, Mikhail Veselov, Anna Marie Williams)
Meredith O’Connor and Neave Trio (Eri Nakamura, Mikhail Veselov, Anna Marie Williams)

At the 65th annual Grammy® Awards earlier this month, singer and anti-bullying activist Meredith O’Connor chatted with her friends and Grammy® Nominated group, Neave Trio.

Meredith O'Connor is a teen pop sensation, radio hit songstress and icon as a trail blazer for anti-bullying. Her music is loved by millions and has sold out headlining concerts all over the world. Her positive message in her songs have had fans claim that it's changed and even saved their lives. Meredith O'Connor's music is a force that has made her a leader in the industry on empowering and uplifting fans through her message. Most notably, her catalog includes "You Are Not Alone" and "Stronger," a duet with former Disney star and fellow anti-bullying activist Garrett Clayton.

Meredith O'Connor spoke on her excitement for her friends who have been nominated:

“I have seen the power that you can have on culture as an artist ever since my first songs got on the radio, it’s therefore very exciting to me to see others who also have a desire for positive change to have this kind of success. I grew up doing musical theater, and was trained in classical music. That was my outlet, that was the first thing in my life to give me confidence. The talent that Anna Marie Williams, Eri Nakamura and Mikhail Veselov have being increasingly globally known will introduce more to the beauty of this musical genre."

Meredith O’Connor’s imprint on the music scene has made waves internationally and impacted millions with her bullying prevention music.

Speculation of a possible collaboration has been stirred up as Meredith O’Connor spoke highly of her passion for the classical music genre. The pop star has been on a musical hiatus to attend Fordham University and fans are eager for a possible return.

We can't wait to see more music in the future from Meredith O'Connor, and hopefully a collaboration with Neave Trio as well! Keep up with Meredith on Spotify and Instagram, and follow @FrontPagePop for all the latest.


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