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"Squid Game" Doll Voice Sensation & Actress Reagan To: Exclusive Interview

Exclusive interview with the iconic voice actress of the Squid Game 'Red Light Green Light' Doll, Reagan To.

Reagan To | Photographer: Lydia Canbakal (@lydiacanbakal)
Reagan To | Photographer: Lydia Canbakal (@lydiacanbakal)

Reagan To is a budding actress and viral voice sensation! Best known as the voice of the 'Red Light Green Light' Doll on the hit Netflix show Squid Game, To is no stranger to the limelight even at such a young age. In addition to that iconic role, she also voices the daughter of the main character, appeared in skits on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and modeled for top brands such as Nike, Old Navy, Forever21, and Little Tikes.

Check out our full interview below with the rising star.


Reagan! We are so excited to interview you; you’ve made such an impact in the world of entertainment and pop culture at such a young age. As the voice of the iconic ‘Red Light Green Light’ Doll in Squid Games, you’ve become a viral sensation. How does it feel to be a large part in Netflix’s most popular series? Hi! This is Reagan To! I’m excited to be on Front Page Pop Culture! Wow, voicing my roles on Squid Game was quite some time ago, but it still feels like I’m dreaming! Sometimes I hear my ‘Red Light Green Light’ doll voice on TikTok videos… and I have to pinch myself to wake myself up! But then I’m like… “oh wait, that’s my voice!” I still can’t watch the show because it’s too violent for me. But I feel very blessed that the whole world loves Squid Game!

I love that! And how did you get your start in acting/voice acting? I wanted to become an actor since I was 5 years old. It all started in the hospital when I had a very bad lung infection. I was in the ICU, and it was very scary for me. My parents were very worried, and they stayed with me the whole time! I was watching TV, and I remember I saw kids in the movies who look just like me! I think that really got to me. My mom asked what I wanted to do after I get better. Immediately, I told my mom that I wanted to become an actress! And from that day, I started taking acting classes! When I landed my first role on Jane the Virgin, I was super happy and proud, and I knew practicing every day is so worth it!

Reagan To | Photographer: Lydia Canbakal (@lydiacanbakal)
Reagan To | Photographer: Lydia Canbakal (@lydiacanbakal)

Wow, that's an incredible and inspiring story. Well, Not only have you been on Netflix’s Squid Games, but you’ve also appeared in skits on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as a lead alongside big stars such as Channing Tatum, Rami Malek, Lena Waithe and Guillermo Rodriguez. What’s it like to work with and meet so many big stars, and did they give you any career advice? I only get to see these superstars when I watch movies with my family on Sunday nights. So, working with Mr. Rami Malek was very special! We were at the Museum of Ice Cream, and that was really fun because everyone was already excited for the ice cream! Filming went by very fast. But Rami Malek was super friendly. I was very lucky to talk to him just for a little bit. He said to always prepare for my auditions, and always do my homework for every character. He said I was his lucky charm, and then later on he won the Oscars for Best Actor! I think that luck was all from me! It was super inspiring to meet him! Interestingly, you’re also an award-winning Latin ballroom dancer competing all across the US, taught by the Queen of Latin, Shirley Ballas, Head Judge on BBCstrictly. How does your passion for dance help you in acting? I love all my passions, but I think dancing taught me a lot about focus and always do the best even during practice! I get a special feeling when I’m learning new dance. And I feel it too when I’m performing a new character! I think I got that from my dance coach Shirley Ballas! It’s very interesting because acting is what got me into dancing! When I was on set for my first role ever, I was very nervous because it was for Jane the Virgin. But Gina Rodriguez was very welcoming, and she showed me a very cool video of her ballroom dancing. I was so blown away that I told myself I need to practice dancing every day! I also love to learn different styles, and this year I am learning how to dance hip hop from my coach Guy Groove. He always inspires me to keep going at every dance all the time! That really shows me that I can give 200% in acting too. I am very lucky to have amazing coaches on my journey! That's great you're able to use your motivation for dance in your acting as well! Speaking if dancing, since you’re a viral sensation on TikTok, what’s your favorite song on TikTok right now? It’s so hard to choose one! I love shooting funny dance videos, and I use all kinds of songs on TikTok and Instagram. Each song feels different, so I get to think of different dance moves that go with each song! Sometimes, I’m in the mood to play around and dance to new music like Swing! But right now, there is one song that is still stuck in my head, and it’s Victoria’s Secret! The singer Jax and I danced to her song together! It was so fun, and you can see it on my TikTok (@reaganandjuli)!

We love that song and Jax too; great choice! So last question for you... there are talks of a second season of Squid Games in the works. Have you heard / can you share if you’ll be a part of it?

I haven't heard anything, but I’m very happy to see that Squid Game won so many awards. I remember I was at the studio for Squid Game last year. I was voicing Ga-Yeong, but the director and I also worked hard to voice another special character. I didn’t know it was for the ‘Red Light Green Light’ doll, so we had to get the voice right. But I think that made it scarier because I didn’t know about the violent scenes at all! Not hearing anything is sometimes better! I also have a very big project coming up in 2023, and I love sharing updates with my fans! So don’t forget to follow me on Instagram (@reagan_to)!


Incredible! Well, we can't wait to see what Reagan is up to next. Be sure to give her a follow on social media, and follow Front Page Pop on Instagram (@FrontPagePop) and TikTok (@FrontPagePop) to stay up-to-date on the latest in celebrity news and pop culture.


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