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  • Kaitlin Popow

Jalen Parker: Diverging his Way to the Top

From child actor to young musician, Jalen Parker has done more than most could ever imagine and all before the age of 20! You may know Jalen from his run on Disney XD or more recently, his guest role on Dance Moms! However, since his TV dreams came true at a young age, Parker decided to expand his talents and bring his passion for music to life. After working on perfecting his sound and building an album (in the middle of a pandemic), Jalen is ready to jump full-force into the music industry. Divergent is Parker's first full length album, releasing tomorrow, August 1st! Pre Order Here!

We had a chance to chat with the soon-to-be R&B sensation and hear all about his past, present and most importantly, his future. Check out what he had to say below...


1. We see that you have pretty much grown up in the industry, starting as a child actor at a young age. What has that been like? Do you ever wish you could be a “normal” kid? 

Honestly, my parents felt like I was robbed of the full high school experience. I don't believe I was robbed because everything happens for a reason. If I was meant to have the full high school experience, I probably wouldn't be where I am today. So no, I don't wish that I was a "normal" kid. 2. Before you moved into music you were featured on many tv shows, starting out your career as an actor. What made you switch into music? Do you ever want to act again? 

What's funny is that I didn't necessarily switch to music, I started to focus more on music due to the slowdown of auditions. I love both acting and music, but music I love a lot more. I'd love to act again, just waiting for the right job for me.

3. You mentioned that you follow the style of Trey Songz and even Chris Brown. Who is your idol in the industry? 

My idol and biggest inspiration would have to be Michael Jackson. Everything from his music, writing skills, dance moves, and his stage presence, all have inspired me to be a better artist and performer.

4. We have done some work with past Dance Mom’s stars in the past. What was your favorite part of being featured on that show? Since it was so popular did it help your career? 

It did help my career immensely and I built a lot of long-lasting friendships that I am extremely grateful for.

5. Looking forward who would you like to collaborate with in the future?  I'd love to collaborate with a lot of people, but a few that stand out as of now would be, JoJo, Lucky Daye, Billie Eilish, Kehlani, and Chris Brown.

6. We need to know: Anything exclusive you can share with us about your upcoming career?!  A day or two after my album releases, I will be releasing a music video of me performing some of my favorite songs off of the album! I can't wait for you guys to see it!

Make sure you follow @kbpopculture on all social media channels for updates, including the release of Divergent on August 1st!


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