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Interview With Actress & 'The Brink' Author Jaime Andrews

Interview with author, actress, producer and writer Jaime Andrews

Photographer: Stacey Bode | Hair & Makeup: Jacque Carder
Photographer: Stacey Bode | Hair & Makeup: Jacque Carder

Jaime Andrews has established herself as an award-winning multi-hyphenate in the entertainment industry, most recently publishing her book "The Brink."

Additionally, Andrews not only penned the script for, but also took on the roles of producer and lead actor in the acclaimed movie "Division." The plot revolves around an actress forming a profound connection with a fan amidst the pandemic. As she succumbs to his attention, she realizes that their political views are starkly divergent. The film is currently available for streaming on Tubi and various other platforms. Andrews' outstanding performance garnered her the Best Actress award at The Lady Filmmakers Festival!

You may also recognize her from her five year run on the truTV series 'World’s Dumbest'. Other credits include 'Good Girls Revolt' as well as guest roles on 'Chicago Fire', 'Crash & Bernstein' and 'Heels' just to name a few. 

In "The Brink: A Memoir," Andrews candidly explores the sensitive issues of her challenging adolescence with a touch of humor. The book delves into her daunting journey through depression, substance abuse, and institutionalization. Penned over two decades ago during Andrews' early days in Los Angeles, the author aspires for readers to glean insights from her mistakes and leverage the lessons in the book to positively transform their own lives. You can find it on Amazon here.

I chatted with the Hollywood staple on her career up until now as well as why she decided to release such a deeply personal book. Read the full interview below.


Jaime – I’m so excited to interview you! You’ve just about done it all in the entertainment industry including acting, producing, and writing, but now you’re adding author to your impressive resume. Tell us about your new book, The Brink: a memoir, which I understand is a deeply personal memoir you’re sharing with your fans.

"Thanks so much, it's nice to speak with you! The Brink: a memoir is a pretty shocking tale of my crazy adolescence. I went through a lot of things that teens confront, but I kind of took it to the extreme. I was very lucky to recover from that time. It's a heavy story, but I try to tell it with humor, of course."

So you mentioned that in the book you discuss your harrowing experiences with depression, drugs, and institutionalization. Why did you choose now to share this intimate knowledge with fans?

"I think I chose now because I feel like I have nothing to hide at this point. I used to be concerned that putting this story out there would hurt my acting career, but I think I've accomplished enough, and that it's far enough in the past, that I've made peace with it. I also think that people might see me as someone who is extremely privileged, so sharing this story is my admission that I had to overcome a lot to get where I am, and, in sharing it, I hope that it could inspire other people who have struggled."

Most recently, you wrote, produced, and starred in the award-winning film Division. What inspired that film which earned you a Best Actress award at The Lady Filmmakers Festival?

"Division was inspired by the political climate during the election of 2020. I'm a very political person, and like most things I write, it's based on my life, but with the imagined circumstance of connecting with a fan online who has opposing political views. I've been so honored by the reception for the film. We got called a "masterpiece" by Film Threat and we actually won four awards at Lady Filmmakers Festival. It was the best week of my life! People thinking that Division is an important film is so gratifying."

Additionally, fans loved seeing your comedic side from your five-year run on TruTV’s World’s Dumbest, which is one of my favorite shows! How did you get that gig, and what was your favorite part? Did you get to interact with your other celebrity comedic castmates like Loni Love and Danny Bonaduce?

"I love that you love that show! It was a great experience, and that humor definitely colors everything I write, even if the subjects I confront are very serious. It was strange, because the World's Dumbest cast was comprised of all celebrities and stand-up comics and I was neither. But I had the same manager as Chelsea Peretti, so she got me an audition and it just stuck. I loved writing jokes every week, it wasn't something I knew that I could do, but I also love hearing from people - still - who have great affection for that show. A fan of the show actually invested in Division, which is ironic, considering the story. So, I owe that show a lot. The castmates didn't get to interact with each other much...just if we had a skit together or we passed each other in the studio, but we did have a pretty great holiday party every year. I'm so excited to be reunited now with Daniel Baldwin as a co-host on his podcast, we're having a lot of fun."

What a great story! This year is coming to a close. What are your career plans for 2024, and what’s your motto or self-reminder heading into the new year?

"I'm really excited for 2024 because it feels like anything is possible! I've reached a point in my life where I'm no longer holding back, so, I guess if I had a motto for the year, I would steal it from Nike and say, "Just do it." I'm glad the strike is over and am looking forward to getting back to acting work, but I think I'm most psyched about my latest screenplay, Hardcore. It's the first thing I wrote that's not based on my life, but on this crazy true crime story from a kid in my high school. It's very intense and I'm extremely proud of how it turned out. I would love to have that rolling before the end of the year. Who knows what adventures are to come?"


Jaime is such a gem and we wish her the absolute best this year and in her career moving forward. Be sure to buy her book here! You won't regret it.

Additionally, you can keep up with her on her website. Follow @frontpagepop on all social media platforms for the latest in celebrity news, pop culture, and more!


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