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  • Kaitlin Popow

International Spotlight: Conrad Ashton

A historic city star, Conrad Ashton is reaching for the stars and looking to bring his unique sound to the music industry, on an international basis. With a unique sound and superstar idols like Elvis and The Beatles, Ashton has his mind made up that he will do whatever it takes to become an international household name.

This unique musician comes to us from the United Kingdom. At the age of 10 Conrad began experimenting with his sound, taking the next few years to find his craft and truly begin his music journey. By the time Conrad enrolled in college, he decided he wanted to be "all in" when it came to music. In college he studied Pop Music Composition, spending that time building up his portfolio.

Ashton relates his music to the greats, including Elvis and Pete Townshend. Although, he admits that even if he can get up to 1% of that type of success, he will be grateful. In every song he creates he tries to remain true to his idols, creating music that is firmly rooted in the classic pop sound. The singer keeps a steady focus on on eloquent lyrics while remaining humble and relatable.

Conrad's early music draws from his past, relating his struggles throughout his early life to his music. The up-and-coming star has a history battling with depression and anxiety. However, he used music as a self-coping mechanism and it helped fuel his passion in the long run. He credits his struggles with mental health to his musical success! Ashton says it made him focus and work harder, ultimately branching out as an artist.

Today, the British singer-songwriter is continuing to work on releasing songs, writing new tracks and getting his name out into the international music world. In fact, he is releasing his new hit, Time on May 22nd. We at KB, cannot wait to hear his highly anticipated single!

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