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Alex Kinsey: Party of One

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Alex Kinsey may be a Party of One now, but his music is better than ever.

Photo by Nick Gilligan

As you probably remember, Alex Kinsey was part of the duo, Alex & Sierra, with then-girlfriend Sierra Deaton. The pair got national attention when they auditioned (and eventually won!) for X Factor USA in 2013.

Years later, the famous musical couple went their separate ways, and now Alex is reigniting his solo career with full force. He recently released his EP, Party of One. It showcases a slightly new sound - a raw, sexy fuse of pop and hip-hop beats. The EP is very personal, raw, and real; you get a true sense of his feelings, as music should be.

Our personal favorite song is 'Hot Mess' which Kinsey released a music video for a few months ago. The song breaks away from his previous softer sound, truly introducing the "new" Alex Kinsey. Check it out below.

We cannot get enough of his new solo sound! We got the exclusive opportunity to chat with Alex about it all. Read the full interview below.


Although you've moved away from the duo, Alex & Sierra, you still have so many fans who listen to and love that music. Your new sound is a little different, but you can still tell it comes from you. How would you describe your new solo sound to the fans who may be cautious to listen to it?

That’s a great way to phrase this question! I think the best way for me to describe it would be that i’m on a journey to figure out what music resonates with me the most. It is a fun thought to think that people may join me on the journey and be a part of the progression with me.

Photo by Nick Gilligan

We are seriously obsessed with your recent EP, Party of One. What was the inspiration  behind it? With the title and the sound of the music, were you trying to separate yourself from your previous catalog, or just introduce a new chapter?

Thanks! The title honestly came to me after seeing the cover photo. it hit me that now that i’m making solo music “Party of one” would just fit. as far as the music goes, the process was just me figuring out what music resonates with me the best. That EP is a collection of that music… and honestly, this is just a new chapter.

I’m sure it’s hard to choose, but what is your favorite song from your EP? 

Lately i’ve been very proud of 'Don’t Let Go'… but my favorite changes all of the time.

Is it weird or different adjusting to performing live solo when you had someone beside you for years? 

It's definitely different, but before there was A&S there was just Alex, so I started my music career on stage alone. Its fun to get back to that!

You recently performed online for LoopFest by Loop TV benefitting MusiCares. What was it like to join numerous other artists for such a great cause? 

Being able to live stream and perform shows has been the saving grace for my sanity during quarantine. I LOVED getting to play LoopFest. being able to connect with people all over the world is amazing.

Due to the lockdown, plans were probably shaken for 2020 so far, but can you share what you have coming the rest of the year?

I have high hopes to release more music and play more live streams… I REALLY wanted to tour in some capacity this year, but we adapt and overcome! I also was able to film a few episodes of a new series I’m working on called Buddy Sessions. Hopefully that will be up and running in the next few weeks! stay tuned ;)

We can't wait! Do you have any collabs you hope to do in the future?

I honestly love the idea of collaborations. I think the best content comes from collaboration. So yes, I have my dream collabs, I’ll let you know when I’ve done them. Haha.

You released this solo project under your own label, Kinsey. Is this your plan for all future music, or do you hope to get another record deal soon?

I don’t think any plan I’ve ever had in my music career has worked out the way I imagined, So I’ve learned to create to the best of my ability and allow everything to follow suit. I love releasing music on my own. I love the idea of the direction and connections that a label provides. There are pros and cons to everything and I’m just along for the ride baby.

Unrelated to music, your fans are curious… What are you binging on Netflix/Hulu/Disney+ during quarantine!?

Oooohhh… my mom got me to commit to Ozark, so just finished that…. holy $#!%. Dave was amazing… Lil Dicky is an inspiration to us all. Solar Opposites has turned out to be pretty great! and the new season of Dead To Me just came out…. Ya gotta do SOMETHING when you’re not in the studio right?!?


Not only is Alex working on solo music, but he also co-wrote and -produced a single, 'Umami Mami' for a new, young pop/R&B artist, iLana Armida, which will be released this Friday.

We can't wait to see what's next for this superstar in his solo career! Be sure to check out his EP on Spotify here, and follow him on Instagram @AlexKinsey.

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